I had quite a bit of information sent to me regarding the Boeing/Northrop Grumman Tanker Deal II.  I thank my sources and pass along these things to all of you to think about:





1.  What is the real reason The Boeing Company lost Tanker Deal II?  What Lou Dobbs ad a lot of others do not seem to know is important to consider.





It would be nice if there were an American company that really made things totally in America.  Alas, that does not seem to be the case in this arena.  Boeing also outsources many of its parts and functions with increasing frequency.  A few years ago, quite a few machinists were downsized here, (U.S. jobs lost), and parts began to be made by non-US workers in China (Chinese jobs gained).  I hear from someone inside of Boeing that the parts imported in from China were so bad, the few U.S. machinists they had left were having to remachine the parts to even remotely make them usable. 


Once Boeing hastily moved making of composite materials to China, I think we can pretty well expect the technology is no longer proprietary to the U.S.  And now that the Chinese have it, they will be using it themselves.  Unfortunately, a lot of the edge on technology we used to have is now lost due to shortsighted decisions made according to greed, rather than the long-term well being of the company and our country.








2.  What Lou Dobbs and a lot of other people don’t seem to realize is that there is a lot more to the selection of a contract awardee, in this case the Air Force Tanker Contract, than is immediately visible to the public.  First, Northrop Grumman, the successful awardee, is a U.S. defense contractor.  This is no different than Boeing.  Yes, Northrop Grumman teamed with EADS.  But how much of the Boeing 767 plane is derived from materials procured or manufactured overseas?


Given Boeing’s long track record of honesty and integrity issues surrounding government procurements, it is not surprising that the contracting scales were tipped in Northrop Grumman’s favor on this contract.  Mr. Dobbs and others are not aware of all the FBI and DOD IG investigations currently open.  Open investigations issues are factored into these contract awards.