After all the trauma that has been going on over the betrayal of Justice Whistleblowers the past couple of days, I think it is important to point out how much I respect those who put themselves on point to report wrongdoing when and where they found it.  I have the utmost respect and admiration for people who can see the big picture and who are willing to stand up and confront what should not be.  I thank all of you and encourage you not to give up.  I do not believe your causes are lost, even though the very people who were supposed to champion your causes have let you down in a big way.  I think some forces are gathering thanks to all of you and many others who are working in other ways to bring about justice.  I believe we are making some progress.  Please continue to stand up and stir things up. 

For those who need to (and I hope you will continue to do so) report wrongdoing, I would suggest going to the truly anonymous tip line of the Project on Government Oversite (POGO) to report it there.

Go to and then click on report corruption link on their site page, or use this page address:

Someone mentioned on a blog on The Next Hurrah yesterday that they thought it was good the whistleblowers could know they were not alone and see who else was blowing the whistle.  While it is true, as the commenter said, that combining related tips and reports may help support the processing and holding the wrongdoers accountable for the sum total of the various reports, outing all of the reporters was NOT the way to do it. They and their families have been put at risk, more than most know. I would suggest people immediately contact POGO for assistance. There are a great many “cases” being put together right now. Yours may be a part of a much bigger picture, and you may may be helped and supported by others reports, and they may be helped and supported by yours.

I leave you with a quote courageous Boeing Whistleblower, Gerald Eastman, has posted on his site, The Last

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” -Albert Einstein

Take care of yourselves and join together to support each other and form a more indomitable force!