Boeing Railroads Boeing Whistleblower:  Company refuses to release information needed for defense.

  Another case of injustice against a Boeing Whistleblower appears to be poised and launching. I heard from Gerald Eastman today.  The King County Courts do not appear to be very friendly to a Boeing Whistleblower.  Mr. Eastman’s attorney’s motion to continue, in order to allow sufficient time for preparation for the trial was denied by the King County Judge.  A part of the problem (and why more time is needed) is that Boeing has been refusing to release needed documentation and necessary materials for Mr. Eastman’s defense attorney to prepare his defense, and with the lightening speed with which things are moving, it appears the trial will be over before he can get that information that he has a right to, which wouldl significantly help him prove his side of the case.  And we call this justice.   The trial began promptly at 1:30 p.m. Monday, 3-17-08.A full day of jury selection is scheduled for Tuesday, 3-18-08, and it appears the King County Prosecutor’s office is hot to trot to service the intent of Boeing to make a serious example of one Boeing whistleblower.   Considering the normal pace of the “justice” system, this is remarkably rapid.  This observer wonders if all those campaign contributions to certain King County Officials are finally being called in for repayment/quid pro quo.  Someone ought to investigate this.   Mr. Eastman will be in court this week.  If you have any helpful information regarding his case, please contact him via his website: GFS