Friends of Texas Medical Board Watch,Keith E Miller MD, former Chairman of the Texas Medical Board Disciplinary Process Review Committee, was deposed Friday, March 14, 2008, in Center, Texas.

There were stunning revelations.  The transcript is being prepared, and it was also videotaped. Dr. Miller claimed not to be able to recall key facts. At one point AAPS 

contacted the court and obtained rulings forcing Miller to answer certain questions. Witnesses recall:

* Miller was actually being paid each month by Blue Cross/Blue Shield as he sat on the TMB and disciplined physicians
* Miller did not recuse himself from any TMB cases, even with physicians who were known to be at odds with BCBS.
* Miller insists that he did not have a conflict of interest that prohibited him from being on the TMB or being Chairman of the TMB Disciplinary Process Review Committee, in spite of his fiduciary interest in BCBS or because of his numerous paid “expert” testimonies for plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases.  Some of the doctors he testified against were also disciplined by the TMB. In his letter to Governor Perry, Miller cited a conflict of interest with the Texas Medical Board as the primary reason for his resignation. When letters to the editor appeared in the Center Light & Champion, the only persons who defended him were Roberta Kalafut DO, President of the TMB, and Dee Whittlesey MD, “physician advocate” for BCBS. 
* Miller was making up to 20% of his income by serving as an expert for plaintiffs in malpractice cases, while also serving on the TMB and being paid to review charts of  physicians contracted with BCBS, as a member of the Texas Medical Advisory Committee for BCBS.
* Miller claimed that he did not discuss his resignation with anyone on the Board, which a judge might find implausible
* Miller repeatedly claimed not to recall key facts, such as whom he spoke with at the TMA, which a judge might find implausible
Near the end of the deposition, Miller insisted that a physician had killed two patients, even though the malpractice case against that physician was dismissedMiller and his attorneys refused to answer key questions about TMB Informal Settlement Conferences.  AAPS may move to compel answers to those questions.

AAPS is proceeding with the litigation against all members of the Texas Medical Board in federal court.

-From Shirley Pigott  MD