Boeing Whistelblower, Gerald Eastman and his railroad experience at the hands of Boeing and their coopted King County Officials This is a travesty.  Someone should investigate Boeing’s campaign contributions to these officials.  -GFS
P-I business reporter Andrea James has this update on the trial of a former Boeing employee accused of stealing and leaking documents to the press:

Jury selection for the trial of former Boeing employee Gerald Eastman was delayed on Wednesday because of a glitch in this morning’s juror pool: two other judges had requested 100 and 61 jurors each, leaving only three people to possibly be selected for Eastman’s trial.Eastman is accused of stealing documents from Boeing and leaking them to The Seattle Times. He faces 16 counts of criminal computer trespass. Here’s our most recent story.It will take a pool of at least 54 jurors to pick 12 plus two alternates for Eastman’s trial, according to the bailiff in the judge’s office.Eastman asked for a continuance on Monday, to allow more time to prepare for his defense, but it was denied.