Things are not going well for many whistleblowers.  Gerald Eastman is a good example.  His trial in King County Courts is more of a railroad ride to a lynching than a trial.  King County Prosecutor’s Office appears to me to be entirely too connected to The Boeing Company, and the Judge has narrowed the scope of the trial as to eliminate looking at the big picture including what Mr. Eastman, as a whistleblower, did to resolve safety inspection violations and a big risk to the American public.  He went through the complaint process of his company, and then went to FAA, which has been thoroughly corrupted for some time.  Mr. Eastman did not know that it appears and went there in good faith, believing FAA would uphold the law and federal regulations in it’s oversight role.  They did not.  Then Mr. Eastman went to Department of Transportation (DOT) Office of Inspector General (OIG) and fared no better, as they also are having significant problems as are many federal oversight, investigative and oversight agencies this past 8 years.  It appears the Judge may also go along with Boeing’s attempt to refuse to acknowledge Mr. Eastman is indeed a whistleblower and has a right to whistleblower protections.  Also, the Judge appears to be going along with Boeing refusing to respect Sarbanes-Oxley.  This is an absolutely unacceptable miscarriage of Justice.  Please, help derail this train, as this so called trial is a travesty and an insult to the trust of the American public in their justice system.   Find out what is really going on by visiting Mr. Eastman’s site:  And whistleblower support sites such as: