From Government Accountability Project


GAP Client’s Disclosures Prompt Telecom Immunity Rejection

The March disclosures by telecommunications whistleblower and GAP client Babak Pasdar are being credited with persuading the House of Representatives to not grant immunity to telecommunications companies involved with the warrantless wiretapping and illegal domestic spying scandal.

At the beginning of March, media reports stated that a deal on a House vote granting immunity was close to fruition. Concerned, Pasdar decided to take action. GAP sent an affidavit by Pasdar detailing his allegations to key House members.

Pasdar is a computer expert who discovered a mysterious “Quantico Circuit” at a major telecommunications company’s facility in 2003 which provided the federal government unfettered access to all customer mobile phone communications – all calls, emails, text messages, internet use, videos, billing, location – with no record of what was taken.

Armed with and alarmed by Pasdar’s affidavit, House Energy and Commerce chairman John Dingell, Oversight Subcommittee chairman Bart Stupak , and Telecommunications Subcommittee chairman Ed Markey collectively sent a ‘Dear Colleagues’ letter to all other Representatives about Pasdar’s disclosures. The House subsequently voted 214-195 to reject blanket immunity for the telecoms.