Nothing wrong here in Seattle, where a Senior Deputy King County Prosecutor can, in a fit of pique, allegedly assault a woman with his car and then not be properly investigated, nor held accountable for his actions, leaving the victim confused and angry that there is differential treatment for she and her boyfriend than for King County Prosecutor, Scott Peterson.  Danatte Griffin says, “He [Peterson] didn’t just tap me.  He hit me pretty good, in her interview with KIRO News of Seattle.  Griffin suffered severe bruising on her upper thighs that she said was caused by Peterson’s backing into her with his car, despite her making her presence known to him. Griffin was trying to save a parking space for her boyfriend when Peterson drove up and forcefully took the parking space Griffin was standing in. According to a witness who saw the incident, Peterson impatiently pushed Griffin out of the way with his bumper despite knowing she was standing there waiting. 



Unbelievably, Peterson, the lead prosecutor in the recent Boeing Whistleblower trial, was not thoroughly investigated, charged and prosecuted by King County for the alleged assault.  The police investigation appears to have been less than it should have been, supporting Griffins complaints of deferential treatment of Peterson in this case.  In fact, witnesses of the assault on Griffin, say that they were not even contacted during the investigation, though multiple people saw the incident.  The victim’s boyfriend however was prosecuted and convicted of assault for taking exception to Mr. Peterson’s attitude and actions toward Griffin.  Griffin wonders why she and her boyfriend are treated differently than Scott Peterson, King County Prosecutor.



Peterson, after finally agreeing to be interviewed, said “he was having a bad day” and that he “owed the woman an apology.”  KIRO News is investigating the alleged existence of a good old boy system of protecting insiders inside the King County Justice System.  When one puts this incident into comparison with how Scott Peterson conducted the public tarring and feathering of Boeing Whistleblower, Gerald Eastman, this is all the more egregious.


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