From Government Accountability Project:


Former Program Managers for Private Security Company ArmorGroup Detail their 2007 Fight to Ensure Adequate Protection 

Last week, GAP and a private law firm filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of two program managers who worked for the private security company ArmorGroup. That company was responsible for ensuring security for the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. The managers were fired in June 2007 for raising concerns about the integrity of the security program and for disclosing those concerns to the State Department.

Our clients have not been given detailed information by the State Department as to whether corrections to the problems they reported have been made.

The lawsuit was filed against ArmorGroup North America (AGNA) and its parent company, ArmorGroup International (AGI) of Britain. AGI is an international private security company that provides protection for government facilities, institutions and personnel around the world. The lawsuit alleges that AGNA won the security contract by significantly overstating its capabilities, and overall put profit concerns ahead of the security needs of the Embassy and its personnel. 

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