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Case Setting Hearing Delayed Until Next Week Because the Senior Deputy Prosecutor Hurt Himself 

Wednesday, April 30, 2008, 11:11 AM

Updated: Today was to be the case setting hearing for the retrial of me on unfounded charges by Boeing’s King County Prosecutor.
However, the Senior Deputy Prosecutor, Scott Peterson, hurt himself over the weekend, so the county asked for a week’s delay, which my attorney and I did not object to. The hearing is now set for next week, Monday, May 5th.
Hopefully Senior Deputy Prosecutor Peterson didn’t hurt himself like he did last time–by committing a class B felony. I believe a class B felony is a much more serious a crime than the class C felony I am accused of.
Senior Deputy Prosecutor Peterson hurt himself last time (in 2004) just after he committed the class B felony of assault with a deadly weapon on a defenseless woman by ramming his car repeatedly into her while she was standing in a parking space. He hurt himself just after committing that crime against the defenseless woman when he “impacted” the forearm of the woman’s boyfriend who came to her aid and block tackling him to the ground.

So, hopefully the other innocent citizens around Senior Deputy Prosecutor Peterson when he hurt himself this time were not also being assaulted as the noted woman, Danatte Griffin, was, and they did not sustain any injuries.

To find out the character of the prosecutors I’m up against in this county you can view the news story by clicking this link:




Here are some notable frames of the KIRO 7 Broadcast on the flagrant “caste based” bias in Seattle’s and King County’s prosecutions of the people who try to protect victims when their assaulters are powerful and/or rich:



KIRO 7 News Investigative Reporter Chris Halsne



Victim Danatte Griffin, whom King County Senior Deputy Prosector Scott Peterson Repeatedly assaulted with his vehicle.



King County Senior Deputy Prosector Scott Peterson, who repeatedly assaulted Ms. Griffin with his vehicle after he saw her in his way, standing between two vehicles that he wanted to wedge in between in order to park. Watch out non-elite of King County! If you thought a member of the elite wouldn’t hit you or run you over just to get to a parking space, you were wrong! And if you thought the member of the elite would get prosecuted for running you over intentionally while parking you would be dead wrong!



The weapon King County Senior Deputy Prosector Scott Peterson used to hit Ms. Griffin with repeatedly



The injuries King County Senior Deputy Prosector Scott Peterson inflicted on Ms. Griffin during his assault. If her boyfriend had abused her and left such nasty bruises he would have been jailed and prosecuted. However, a stranger to Ms. Griffin, King County Senior Deputy Prosector Scott Peterson, battered her intentionally with his vehicle, so his crime was never actually investigated, much less prosecuted. Mr. Peterson didn’t even spend a second in jail for this assault. However, her boyfriend, who tried to protect her from Mr. Peterson, was prosecuted for his “bumping into” such a powerful person as King County Senior Deputy Prosector Scott Peterson. Class warfare is only allowed one way in King County–The rich and powerful can do anything they want to do to the common citizen here, while the common citizen will be prosecuted for even trying to defend against such assaults.

This pretty much proves the opposite of justice that is in place in the King County Prosecutor’s office when the powerful assault an innocent citizen, or assault citizens trying to save many lives from being assaulted and/or killed by knowingly defective, largely uninspected and unapproved “vehicles” (commercial airplanes), as in my case.
When such citizens are assaulted by those perpetrators, the King County Prosecutor’s office doesn’t protect the victims of those crimes, whether they are innocent bystander citizens or whistleblowers trying to save lives placed at risk for greater profits–It instead prosecutes the victims or anyone coming to the aid of the victims, as in King County, the Prosecutor’s office seems to always purposefully ignore the vastly greater crimes of the powerful and/or wealthy, and instead prosecutes the victims of those criminal actors in order to maintain the powerful and/or wealthy perpetrator’s status, protecting them from accountability for their crimes by going on “offense” legally for those powerful interests by prosecuting the victims or anyone that comes to the victims aid on fabricated charges.
Don’t believe me? View the news story at the above link. Senior Deputy Prosecutor Peterson’s felonious actions were never actually investigated, much less prosecuted. However, the boyfriend protecting the one he loved was prosecuted for doing so.

In my case, I am being tried again on what the King County Prosecutor’s office knows (unless you believe their actions are driven by legal ignorance and incompetence, which I don’t) are false charges after the first attempt at convicting me on those false charges rightly failed. However I am not really the victim even though I’m being prosecuted on false charges. Just as the boyfriend was prosecuted for trying to protect his girlfriend from Mr. Peterson’s road rage attack with his car on a pedestrian, I am being prosecuted for trying to protect the flying public from fraud that has already cost people many injuries and/or their lives. The flying public is therefor the victim, in my case.

So which crime was greater? Senior Deputy Prosecutor Peterson getting angry at an innocent pedestrian and repeatedly hitting her with his car? Or the “crime” of the boyfriend pushing Deputy Prosecutor Peterson to the ground with his forearm in defense of his already injured girlfriend who was under attack by Mr. Peterson?

Or is the greater crime a King County Prosecutor’s office that ensures that victims or their protectors are always charged on fabricated charges when the wealthy and powerful assault them, especially if it is one of their own elite that is the perpetrator, and/or one of their campaign contributors?

You had better hope that King County Executive Ron Sims doesn’t come up to you on the sidewalk (if you are in King County and are out for a walk) and shoot you in cold blood, for if you survived, you’d be charged for spitting blood on the sidewalk and Sims would go free, unless the prosecutor’s office discriminates based on race as well as caste in its prosecutions. (Of course, this is a hypothetical example only, and as far as I know King County Executive Ron Sims is a model citizen who would never even think of doing such a thing, nor do I think he rests any easier with the knowledge that he might get away with any crime he wanted to commit with the King County Prosecutor’s office in its current biased against justice state.)

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Monday, May 5, 2008, 11:33 PM /

Oh, by the way, Pete. Since you seem to be so ignorant. Are you one of those guys in Boeing that got into big trouble recently for committing acts of sexual harassment at the work place?
Since you seem so ignorant regarding your behavior, think about this. What you wrote to Mr. Eastman in your post’s last sentences, if one can call them that, is very blatant harassment, sexual harassment, in writing yet, and in a public place. I may even post this whole article and your blog comments in my public blog and group sites as well as it is such a good example of the problem. That would be about eight nationally read sites. Lots more people would get to see the types of attitudes and behaviors you are exemplifying.
Mr. Eastman now has good reason to haul you up on charges of sexual harassment, and sue you Pete. And it is all there clearly in writing in this very public place. I guess maybe you should worry about cleaning up your own act. If your employer, Boeing, sees it, it will probably necessitate the opening of an investigation on you. And if you actually hold a security clearance, it may not be for much longer. In case you don’t get it yet, your company does not like to be embarrassed publicly, so you really put your foot in it this time.
You just think this over a bit now.





Monday, May 5, 2008, 11:09 PM /

Interesting. Quite disgusting. I found that news story too and have been pondering the vast inequities of our local legal system.
So, Pete, what job to you hold in the Boeing Company. Your comments sound like sheepherding tactics for the company’s benefit. Take the plea deal? Why should a legitimate Whistleblower take a plea deal, even if there was one, from a company set on denying he is a legitimate whistleblower, and also determined to smear him and fraudulently represent him as a common criminal and convict of same? It makes no sense. Denying the existance of the whistleblower laws we do have, and the rights of due process and protections whistleblowers do have does not absolve the company of responsibility for their own”sins” and refusal to mediate them, which caused the whistleblower reports in the first place. Nor does it give them the ability to try to kill the messenger with impunity. Last time I checked, this is still America.
You Boeing employees, more often lawyers or managers, shouldn’t even bother to try to sway influence in blog sites. It is only too apparent where you are coming from and all the more pathetic.


Gerald Eastman 

Friday, May 2, 2008, 03:13 PM /

“Nothing to blow the whistle on”? You are the insane one if you were anywhere close to the QA or Manufacturing departments of Boeing and actually believe that. But because you were in both Monroe and Walla Walla prisons, I guess you must be at least criminally insane.



Friday, May 2, 2008, 09:05 AM

Eastman either just does not get it, he is totally out of touch with reality, or he is a complete knothead! By antagonizing/bating both the Prosecutor’s office along with the Boeing Co. he is setting himself up for a very costly and painfully hard fall! Eastman’s best recourse it appears to me would be to have is lawyer negotiate a plea deal. Thus, he could minimize his sentence as well as choosing his place of incarceration.
If Eastman is stupid enough to roll the dice and proceed to trial a 2nd time all the while hiding behind this phony defense of being a whistleblower (especially when there was nothing to blow the whistle on) he is insane.
One thing Eastman should really consider very seriously is that both in Monroe and Walla Walla State Pens are convicts that love to make heavy-set inmates with “man-breast’s” their personnal Bitches!