The political manipulation of our government by the Bush and Cheney administration is quite apparent to most at this time.  One noted area of meddling is in the area of Justice, which has nearly brought our Justice system to its knees.


A Birmingham News opinion published today, (“Injustice at Justice” Sunday, June 29, 2008), states that an internal audit of the Justice department’s summer internships and honors programs “concluded that stellar applicants were culled for positively ridiculous reasons that had nothing to do with their professional qualifications, such as their perceived political or ideological affiliations.”  The Birmingham News states that because it has now been shown that the Justice Department has systematically “wrongly injected politics into hiring,” that former Governor Don Siegelman says that is more proof he is indeed a victim of partisan prosecutors.  (See earlier articles on Karl Rove’s mechanizations against Gov. Siegelman and others previously posted.)  -GFS


Link to article at Birmingham News: