Here are two articles from the Seattle Times regarding Boeing’s woes with problems of quality of manufacturing and damage to their new project, the “Dreamliner.”  The damage was reported to be “incorrect fasteners which were improperly installed in the wrong holes causing damage to the composite structure during the join process.”  “It was further reported that ‘each fastener “splintered out the hole,” causing the carbon-fiber threads in the composite structure to break out from the plastic resin.’  I’ve linked the two Times articles for your ease in linking. 


My main question is, why is Boeing being so hard on their employees, (ex.  Gerald Eastman, former Q.A. Inspector in Seattle), who report manufacturing or parts problems?  People who report problems should not be out of hand labeled whistleblowers, and then targeted for misery.  They are after all, looking out for the best long-term interests of their company, as well as for the safety of the American public and military, not to mention others worldwide. 




Link to original story:  Damage to Boeing 787 fuselage piece at S.C. plant may delay flight tests.




Link to original article:  Boeing 787 supplier halts work for 24 hours after FAA audit