I just found an interesting site regarding Boeing and the Tanker Controversy.  Here is a link:  http://tankerwankers.blogspot.com/2008/07/another-boeing-lie.html   This was posted by someone calling him or herself “Tanker War, Major “Snuffy” Wilco.  I don’t know how accurate his/her information is, but it is something to think over.




Update:  I was informed by someone that the link posted above was not longer found on the internet.  I went in this morning, 7-7-08 to see what was up.  Since I found this document and blog on 7-6-08, there has been a sudden change.  The author has removed the post in which he described the ways in which he said Boeing had lied about things related to tanker contracts etc.  I have contacted the author to see what happened, but as of yet, have not received a reply.  It is possible I suppose he was receiving threats or pressure to make it disappear.  I’ll keep you posted once I know what happened.


The author still has a blog at:  http://tankerwankers.blogspot.com and has other interesting posts there.