I just received some comments on an article I posted on this blog about KBR and their business practices, which are endangering soldiers, in particular sloppy electrical work leading to the electrocution of soldiers while using water to bathe or complete duties as assigned, such as washing down military vehicles. 


Debbie Crawford was in Iraq and knows something of what she is talking about.  I recommend everyone read her materials on this subject at her website: www.mssparky.com


She has posted videos of testimony, and other interesting and perhaps helpful information.  Leave her comments if her site is helpful to you.


I have heard a lot of complaints over the past year from whistleblowers who are totally fed up with getting little help in seeing their efforts to stop corruption and wrongdoing.  In fact, many find that everyone in oversight and in the legal system, look over their complaints, express interest, and then later, back away. 


It seems perhaps that these law firms either do not think that stopping that example of  industry/government gone bad is not lucrative enough to be worth their trouble, or perhaps they are being intimidated from representing these whistleblowers by someone very high in our government. 


I would appreciate any thoughts and comments from any of you who have information to share on this theory.