This is unbelievable, kind of like taking a trip in “The Wayback Machine” (ala Mr. Peabody’s in Rocky and Bullwinkle) to once again see how victims of rape are treated in this country.  Have the last 40 years changed nothing?  Rape victims are abused further by their employers, the state department, and then by our legal system, in a big “blame the victim” session.  Please go view the videos.  -GFS



More than half of the operatives in

Iraq are private contractors.  This

is unprecedented in American history.


The war in Iraq has enabled the Bush

Republicans to fund the development

of their own private army, Blackwater,

which as already been deployed on US



Halliburton routinely provides wildly

overpriced and substandard services

including contaminated water to troops.


The last in the series: utter lawlessness,

if you’re a private contractor in Iraq.


– Brasscheck

– Brasscheck


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Link to videos about more Iraq contractor (KBR/Halliburton) “mayhem.”