Besides incompetence and indifference to the electrocution of soldiers, see in this video, information about contaminated water supplied to the troops for bathing and drinking, food/mess hall problems, and generally outrageous waste, fraud and abuse.  I’d ask where the whistleblowers are, but I know many of them are already trying to blow the whistle; no one will listen.  And apparently, those whistleblowers are enduring extreme retribution.  Why are contractors who commit such acts not arrested, tried and dealt with in a just way?  Why is this allowed to go on and on and on?  -GFS

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Brass Check TV:  What is the war in Iraq for?

To get the oil? To protect the dollar?
Regime change?

Probably all those things, but don’t
forget, while it’s bringing suffering
to millions, it’s the pay day of the
century for Bush insiders.

That’s the real reason they
don’t want to “cut and run.”

Here’s how one administration
favorite is poisoning US troops,
getting paid for it, and getting
away with it:

– Brasscheck
– Brasscheck

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