Autism, an increasing health problem in children, has been increasing at an alarming rate, said by some Dr’s to be epidemic.  Though still controversial, data seems to be siding with those who are concerned that something in the succession of vaccinations we dutifully subject our children to with the intention of keeping them healthy might be the cause.


There have been whistleblowers, parents and medical professionals, desperately trying to call attention to the problem and stop the creation of more children with this difficult condition.  In spite of that, we now see statistically, 6 out every 1000 children is autistic and the percentage is said to be growing. 


See the link below for a video from Brasscheck TV for an interview on the subject.  -GFS






The White House won’t protect them,

the Congress won’t protect them, your

doctor won’t protect them.


If you have small children in your

life, you must protect them.


Start with this video:



– Brasscheck


P.S. One of the most important videos

we’ve posted in a long time.


The interview is nine months old, but

few saw it and then the issue “disappeared.”


If you don’t tell you friends and colleagues,

no one else is likely to do it.


This is one tragedy you can stop.

– Brasscheck


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