Someone told me there was an interesting article on Presidential Pardons and Presidential Preemptive Pardons which gave a history of how the pardon process works and how that power could be used by a President, say the current one, to pardon people before they are even arrested or tried.  I went to the service, which only a short time ago had posted the article on their page.  It was gone.  The person who alerted me to this article, also ascertained it had been removed after only being posted a short period of time.   Then both of us independently searched not only for that article, but similar articles, and  found oddly that things having to do with speculating that the President might pardon various people, or might pardon some ahead of time, or even might pardon himself  ahead of time “for all war crimes” appear to have been removed, at least from MSN and MSN Searches.  Very odd.  Nice to know we have such transparency and freedom here at home.

In case anyone out there wants to join the list of those waiting for the President’s help, I did find this handy set of directions for applying for a Presidential pardon.  Maybe considering asking for a pardon preemptively would be good insurance for some of you out there.  Once Justice is cleaned up and the whole fraud and corruption circus is no longer being protected and covered up, it just may hit the fan.   -GFS


How to Get a Presidential Pardon


by eHow Legal Editor


Presidential pardons are open to more people than just famous politicians we often hear about in the news. The fact is that anyone can apply for a presidential pardon. And there are several steps to follow in order to submit your application for a presidential pardon.


Difficulty: Challenging



Step One

Create and maintain a presidential pardon workbook. This can be a 3-ring binder that is organized with dividers. These dividers can also help you protect your privacy, because you won’t have to sort through all of your documents to show someone the necessary piece of paper.


Step Two

Gather all the basic information and add it to your notebook. This includes your basic information, residences, employment history and military record.


Step Three

Detail your criminal history. Include all your previous offenses, as well as information about the offense for which you are seeking a presidential pardon.


Step Four

Indicate if you’ve had any other restoration efforts. Some states offer pardons, or you might have sought a certificate of restoration of civil rights. All of this information should be properly documented in your workbook.


Step Five

State your reasons for seeking a presidential pardon. These reasons should be valid and easy to relate to. All evidence that supports your reasoning should be included in this section of your workbook.


Step Six

Provide character references. These can be filled out on a standard affidavit form, or they can be submitted in the form of a letter.


Step Seven

Find a reputable attorney. There is a lot of paperwork and politics involved in getting a presidential pardon. An attorney can help you navigate this process and optimize your chance for a good outcome.

Tips & Warnings

·                             Type all of your documents instead of writing them by hand. If you need to fax them, typed documents are easier to read and that will help avoid unnecessary confusion.


·                               * Presidential Pardon Oath Form.

·                               * Character Affidavit.