I received this request for help this evening.  I pass along to all of you to get it into the hands of the people Debbie is trying to reach.  Thanks!  -GFS



Attention Former and Current KBR and US Military in Iraq


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As part of an ongoing investigative report,  I was contacted by a producer of a National US News Agency. After a lengthy discussion I offered to help him find current and former KBR and US Military in Iraq. This all has to do with the Soldier Electrocutions and electrical safety in Iraq.


It seems as though everyone knows a soldier in Iraq. Please forward this to anyone that can get it to a former or current KBR employee or member of the US Military.


This all has to do with improving the electrical safety for our civilians and military personnel.


I have posted three new blogs since my last newsletter but this one is the most important.


Attention Former and Current KBR and US Military in Iraq



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Ms Sparky’s Mishaps & Misadventures


I am still actively pursuing changes in the laws that affect the safety and well being of US citizens working overseas. I believe that ALL laws that protect US workers in the States should be in affect for US citizens working on US Government funded projects overseas…ie, OSHA and labor laws to name a few. I have enlisting the help of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 48, The IBEW International Office (IO), The AFL-CIO and numerous Senators. If it’s important enough to have a Top Secret clearance to work on a New Embassy Project, then it’s important enough to have OSHA and labor law protection.


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