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NO….I Will Not Shut Up!

Posted on September 9th, 2008

by ms sparky in About Me, KBR, Media Coverage, My Interviews, Rants, Women in Construction, Working Overseas

I got this comment last night in response to  “My 100th Blog Post – How Evolved”. I get these responses all the time in emails and I normal just disregard them…but not today!

This is a comment from “DC”.

the testifying, I get. But the public speaking and anything remotely related to work or even specifically describing daily recreational activities was contractually prohibited….. did they change this? It used to be grounds for immediate termination. no “please remove this…” Just one question…. window or isle?

Ms Sparky’s Response:
First, I no longer work for KBR. I just read my contract AGAIN…just to make sure and it DOES NOT say anywhere that I can’t talk about mine and others experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are countless books, websites, blogs already published by former KBR employees about their experiences in Iraq. I understand operational security (OPSEC). I understand classified information. I also understand KBR’s MO of threats, intimidation and misinformation. You can’t talk about this…you can’t talk about that. This is in violation of your contract!!! Bullshit!! My contract wasn’t even with KBR, is was with SEII. People need to talk about it and remove that KBR imposed veil of secrecy and get the word out. How long has this BS been going on now?? 5 years of Human Trafficking, Waste Fraud & Abuse, Employee Abuse, Rapes, Assaults, Unsafe Workplaces, Lack of Tools and Material? THAT’S WHY I DO THE INTERVIEWS!! And will continue to do so until the damn laws are changed so that the term “window or aisle” used as a threat is illegal even in Iraq! That’s how KBR controls it’s employees, through fear, intimidation, isolation (no more cell phones) and misinformation!


I will not stop until every US citizen working for any US Government funded contractor including KBR/SEII, at ANY US facility world wide is afford the same legal protections as their Stateside co-workers…. For one, DON’T THREATEN TO FIRE ME IF I DON’T SHUT UP ABOUT SAFETY ISSUES!!!!!! (Hostile workplace) And some OSHA protection would be nice as well.

So…in answer to your question NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO I will not shut up. I WILL NOT shut this blog down. I will continue to publish peoples stories and comments. I will continue to publish information I feel is important to current and former KBR employees. It’s a free country, KBR can sue me if they want. That will just give me something more to blog about! If I’m not mistaken….my first amendment rights are still in effect here! Can you say ACLU?


The more qualified, licensed people KBR gets over there, the less they are going to be able to get away with crap!


So….DC…..comment on that! And just to clarify. I have no intentions at this time to write a book on my experiences in Iraq!

Ms Sparky