This was sent to me recently.  Please visit link to this organizations report on Secrecy.  They contend that in spite of everything that’s been in the news Government Control and Secrecy had continued to increase.  -GFS



We thought you may be interested in seeing our recent report, the 2008 Secrecy Report Card, since it seems to be in line with many of the issues you cover.  This is our fifth annual report tracking trends in public access to information.  This year’s expanded report is expanded to cover Mandatory Declassification Review numbers and progress under the Automatic Declassification Review process, and covers legislation in the 110th Congress that would increase openness and accountability.  The report also contains updated numbers on requests for National Security Letters, competitiveness of federal contracting, and use of the “state secrets” privilege.


Please take a look at our attached press release and the AP story about the report.  If you have any questions, contact either me or Patrice McDermott, Director of (




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