McCain:  Me First, NOT Country First?  McCain’s Tacit Accord With Boeing


If you’ve kept up with all the posts about the original Druyan/Sears Tanker Deal matters and the settlement, and all the instances of reported corruption since then, you will find this curious also. 


John McCain’s recent Presidential Candidate Debate, featured McCain painting himself as a champion of cleaning up corruption, reforming contracting, and standing up for doing right in the contracting world.  Well rehearsed drama, but to this writer, far from the truth. 

McCain and his aides (notably I’m told,  Chris Paul, McCain’s Defense Aide),  have been reportedly doing overtime duty trying to stop whistleblowers and government employees from successfully getting help in bringing Boeing to Justice in a number of instances.  This includes attacking the credibility of those who’ve contacted his office with specific legitimate complaints, as well as trying to deep-six investigations concerning Boeing and possibly other involved and/or incriminated upper level entities in industry and government. 

The general consensus among people who’ve contacted me, frustrated with the shabby treatment they’ve received from McCain’s office, is that McCain wants to be elected President more than he wants to protect the citizens and economic and security welfare of this country.  It appears he sold out to those with money and manipulation ability.  

As far as Boeing goes, I am advised that there is yet more trouble coming down the pike, not public yet.  This is a case of “Me First” not “Country First.”  Sorry Senator McCain, we’re just not buying your double-speak anymore!  -GFS



From Boeing Frontiers, September 2006




What Boeing did here

                                                   conveys to me how

seriously the company is committed to truly



—Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), in an Aug. 1

Senate Armed Services Committee hearing,

about Boeing’s decision to forgo claiming

a tax deduction on payments related to

settlement of investigations by the

U.S. Justice Dept