More on Boeing’s Wedgetail Project, and the Transfer of Cutting Edge U.S. Technology Out Of The United States


So, how did Turkey get state-of-the-art static multi-phased array sensor technology such as that on the Wedgetail plane, which in many ways is superior and more capable than current U.S. Air Force 707 airframe rotor-dome AWACS platforms?  The Australian government and the United States government authorized the transfer through yet another Direct Commercial Sale by Boeing to a foreign government, this timeTurkey.  In the future, planned sales and transfers to Republic of Korea, Italy,  and United Arab Emirates (UAE). 


Called Project Peace Eagle, Boeing has been authorized to sell the ‘Turkish variant’ of Wedgetail to Turkey with approval of the Australian government and the U.S. government; with a buy-in blessing from the U.S. Air Force.


And, while Australia now owns elements of the Wedgetail technology, other elements of that technology remain owned and controlled by the United States and the U.S. Air Force.  Export and control of the U.S. owned information and technology is through the U.S. State Department and the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls through export licenses.  These export licenses provide paper security restrictions on further distribution of U.S. cutting edge technology.


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