Here are some interesting posts to read which were sent to me recently.  Boeing and others just can’t seem to keep their noses clean.  -GFS




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Corporations should not have the rights of humans.  “The Boeing employees implicated in the conspiracy are fired but Boeing is not banned from doing future business with the government. “The US needs to crack down on corporate crime, fraud and abuse that have just in the last four years …”



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Post:  ICO Makes 4 Bidders for S-Band


“The original ICO filed for bankruptcy protection back in 1999, and emerged in 2000 with cellular millionaire Craig McCaw as chairman. ICOGC is adequately funded, but it has a large slice of litigation up its sleeve against Boeing alleging fraud, breach of contract and other complaints over $2bn paid to (originally Hughes, but now) Boeing to build its first 12-satellite orbiting constellation.”