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Two Year Anniversary of Boeing CEO McNerney’s Lies in Testimony to Congress Passes 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008, 06:09 PM
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Preliminary…More details to come…

Just over two years ago, on August 1st, 2006, Jim McNerney, CEO of Boeing, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) concerning the Boeing Global Settlement Agreement between the Justice Department and Boeing that settled the Boeing Tanker scandal and the Boeing theft and use of competition sensitive EELV bid data from Lockheed Martin for a relative pittance compared to what the DOJ career attorneys had wanted before they were overruled by Boeing friendly higher-ups at the DOJ.

Although he was obligated to tell the truth before the committee, he did not–especially at the point in the hearing in which he answered a question posed by John Warner, Chairman of the SASC at the time, concerning the existance of protections for whistleblowers at Boeing.

McNerney then lied a string of lies that any whistleblower at Boeing (or most likely, a whistleblower fired from Boeing like me, as whistleblowers are an endangered species and fair game until extinct at Boeing as soon as they out themselves as such to Boeing management) would be astounded that he would dare lie.

(Incidentally, Paul McNulty, the Deputy Attorney General who testified for the agreement just before McNerney testified that day, later resigned in disgrace from his job after being caught perjuring himself during testimony on the U.S. Attorney firing scandal before another committee of Congress. McNerney, however, is still Boeing CEO after arrogantly misleading Congress during the August 1st, 2006, SASC GSA hearing regarding the state of Boeing ethics programs and treatment of whistleblowers.)

The noted part of the hearing dealing with whistleblowers at Boeing is the only part of the hearing in my letter sent to every member of the SASC committee before the hearing appears to have been read by any member of the committee at all, in the form of Senator Warner’s question to McNerney. You can read my letters to the SASC concerning the GSA on my website, , at the menu bar on the left of that site.

Bonnie Soodik, at the time the head of the Boeing “Office of Internal Governance” (which, to whistleblowers like me, is an office akin to what the Gestapo was to anyone who opposed the Nazis) was also at the hearing.

But Doug Bain, former Chief Counsel of Boeing who personally saw to it I was retaliated against for my whistleblowing as one of his last acts at Boeing along with settling the GSA with the DOJ, wasn’t there, though his replacement was. What should have been a lambasting of Boeing, however, turned out to be just a back slapping meeting all around. That is, when Boeing wasn’t lying about its ethics program and whistleblower “protections.”

Click this link to download and view a small media file of the noted portion of Boeing CEO McNerney’s testimony to Congress that makes a mockery of the truth regarding Boeing’s true treatment of whistleblowers.

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