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About POGO’s Federal Contractor Misconduct Database (FCMD)

The government awards contracts to companies with histories of misconduct such as contract fraud and environmental, ethics, and labor violations.  In the absence of a centralized federal database listing instances of misconduct, the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) is providing such data.  We believe that it will lead to improved contracting decisions and public access to information about how the government spends hundreds of billions of taxpayer money each year on goods and services. Report an instance of misconduct »


DispositionCourtMisconductEnforcement AgencyContracting PartyDateAmount

Boeing Company

Arms Export Control Act Violation (Transfer of Rocket Data to China)

SettlementCivilImport/ExportState Dept.International03/04/03  $ 6.0m

Beck v. Boeing (Gender Discrimination Class Action)

SettlementCivilLaborNon-GovernmentalNone07/16/04  $ 40.6m

Boeing Launch Services Suspension

Suspend/Debar – CompanyAdministrativeEthicsDefense – Air ForceDefense – Air Force07/24/03  $ 0.0m

Uncertified Welders (False Claims Act)

SettlementCivilGovernment Contract FraudDefense – ArmyDefense – Army04/04/03  $ 0.5m

Defective Pricing

Settlementundisclosed/unknownDefective PricingDefense – GeneralDefense – General08/13/98  $ 1.9m

Discriminatory Pay Disparities

SettlementCivilLaborLaborNone11/19/99  $ 4.5m

EEOC v. Boeing (Americans with Disabilities Act Discrimination)

SettlementCivilLaborEEOCNone12/14/01  $ 0.1m

777 Aircraft Program (Unallowed Costs)

SettlementAdministrativeDefective PricingDefense – GeneralDefense – General09/01/97  $ 6.0m

Improper NASA Invoices

SettlementCivilGovernment Contract FraudNASANASA11/09/00  Unknown

Defense Services to Russia and Elsewhere (Arms Export Control Act Violation)

Administrative AgreementAdministrativeImport/ExportState Dept.None09/29/98  $ 10.0m

Wedgetail Project (Arms Export Control Act Violation)

Administrative AgreementAdministrativeImport/ExportState Dept.Defense – Air Force03/30/01  $ 4.2m

Machine Tools Export Violation (China)

FineAdministrativeImport/ExportCommerceNone11/14/01  $ 2.1m

O’Connor v. Boeing

SettlementCivilEnvironmentNon-GovernmentalNone09/21/05  Undisclosed

Oberman v. McDonnell Douglas (C-17 overcharge)

SettlementCivilCost/Labor MischargeDefense – Air ForceDefense – Air Force11/19/97  $ 2.0m

Roby v. Boeing (Defective Chinook Helicopters)

SettlementCivilGovernment Contract FraudDefense – ArmyDefense – Army08/03/00  $ 54.0m

Delivering Military Aircraft Containing Russian Titanium (Berry Amendment Violation)

SettlementCivilGovernment Contract FraudDefense – Air ForceDefense – Air Force09/29/04  $ 7.4m

United States of America v. Darleen A. Druyun

Pleaded GuiltyCriminalEthicsDefense – Air ForceDefense – Air Force10/01/04  $ 0.0m

United States v. Michael M. Sears (Boeing CFO)

Pleaded GuiltyCriminalEthicsDefense – Air ForceDefense – Air Force02/18/05  $ 0.3m

Werbowsky, et al. v. Boeing et al. (Securities Class Action)

SettlementCivilSecuritiesNon-GovernmentalNone09/21/01  $ 92.5m

Violations of Anti-Trust Laws

Administrative AgreementAdministrativeAntitrustFTCNone12/05/96  $ 0.0m

United States ex rel. Smith, et al. v. Boeing (Using Defective Airplane Parts)

PendingCivilGovernment Contract FraudMultiple AgenciesMultiple Agencies04/18/06  $ 0.0m

Radioactive and Toxic Contamination

SettlementCivilHealthNon-GovernmentalNone01/11/06  Undisclosed

Pension and Benefit Plan Inquiry

PendingAdministrativeLaborSECNone10/21/04  $ 0.0m

Illegal Hiring of Government Officials and Improper Use of Proprietary Information

SettlementCivilEthicsMultiple AgenciesMultiple Agencies05/15/06  $ 615.0m

Oberts v. McDonnell Douglas Services/Boeing et al. (Responsibility for Medical Expenses)

PendingAdministrativeLaborLaborNone01/18/05  $ 0.0m

KC-135 and RC-135 Aircraft Parts Overbilling

SettlementCivilCost/Labor MischargeDefense – GeneralDefense – Air Force07/16/07  $ 1.1m

Arms Export Control Act Violation (QRS-11 Gyrochip)

SettlementAdministrativeImport/ExportState Dept.None03/28/06  $ 15.0m

Aircraft Quality Control Problems

FineAdministrativeConsumer AffairsTransportationNone08/02/00  $ 1.2m

Rocky Flats Radioactive Waste Pollution

Judgment Against DefendantCivilEnvironmentNon-GovernmentalEnergy06/02/08  $ 89.4m

USA v. Lesnik (Unauthorized Possession of Defense Information)

Pleaded GuiltyCriminalPoor Contract PerformanceJusticeDefense – General07/02/08  $ 0.0m

Exceeding Limits on Purchases From Foreign Suppliers

FineN/AImport/ExportState Dept.Defense – General06/30/08  $ 3.0m

Water Pollution (Simi Valley, CA)

FineAdministrativeEnvironmentState/LocalNone09/11/07  $ 0.5m

Total Number Misconduct Instances 29 $ 957.2m


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