This is just more Revolving Door antics.  Disgusting that this is allowed to continue, despite current policies on the books even now that prohibit it.  The past 8 years have been particularly bad, and increasingly outrageous in the growth of this hopping from one bed to another  disregarding conflict of interest issues.  Industry to Government and back again, or Government to Industry and back again, over and over ad nauseum.  This is an ethics problem and our broken oversight entities are either not willing or are no longer able to do their job.  Kind of hard when high up in the government there are those that are making sure that no one can stop the door from revolving and certain people from profiting.  -GFS



Lockheed hires former DISA director

By Bob Brewin,   10/14/08



Lockheed Martin Corp. has hired retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Charles

Croom, former director of the Defense Information Systems Agency.


Comment on this article in The Forum.Keith Mordoff, a Lockheed

spokesman, confirmed rumors in the federal information technology

community that his company has hired Croom, who will work for Lockheed’s

information systems and global services business area.


Mordoff declined at this time to provide any further details on Croom’s

role at Lockheed, including start date, title and responsibilities.

Croom did not respond to a request for comment.


Shortly before he retired this summer, Croom told he was

looking for an industry job that he could “be passionate about” and that

would allow him to “be surrounded by people who share the same passion.”


In May, DISA awarded Lockheed and 13 other companies the $12.3 billion

Encore II indefinite delivery and quantity omnibus services contract.


Other recent Lockheed federal information technology contract wins

include a $41 million award for supporting the U.S. Transportation

Command’s Global Transportation Network, a small but key $5.8 million

contract to maintain and operate the Pentagon’s electronic messaging

system, and a $24 million contract to provide IT services for the

Coordinating Office for Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response at

the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.