Here’s yet another one…   I hear there are more cases coming down the pike, just not public yet.  The fraud and corruption just keep getting worse.  Wish I had better news.  -GFS


ICO Awarded $371 Million In Fraud Case Against Boeing
By Tricia Duryee – Wed 22 Oct 2008 02:47 PM PST
ICO Global Communications, which is working on building a satellite and land-based wireless network that aims to provide interactive media services, such as navigation, roadside assistance and the mobile video, was awarded $371 million in damages in a fraud case against Boeing. A jury late yesterday found in favor of ICO. The award includes $279 million for breach of contract and fraud with regard to satellite pricing by Boeing Satellite Systems International and another $91.6 million for fraud related to satellite launches, Barron’s reports. The jury will decide on Oct. 28 whether to decide whether to award any punitive damages.