Please read the following article “Probe Sought of Bush Handling of Alaska Oil-Spill Case”  11-10-08 by Renee Schoof, McClatchy Newspapers.  It was found on by a reader and forwarded to me this morning 11-11-08.


Ms Schoof describes yet another case of malfeasance and corruption allegedly  perpetrated by the Bush administration manipulating the performance of duties by oversight and Justice.  -GFS


See excerpt and link to full article below:



 “Washington – An environmental watchdog group asked the Department of Justice’s inspector general on Monday to investigate whether the department had prematurely halted a criminal prosecution of BP for a 2006 oil spill in Alaska.

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility filed the complaint on behalf of Scott West, who as the special agent in charge for the Environmental Protection Agency participated in the federal and state investigation of the spill.


West, who retired last week after 19 years as an EPA criminal investigator to take a job with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, said he’d argued for more time last year because he and his team were looking for evidence to prove felonies. The Justice Department, however, said the evidence had been fully investigated and charged BP with a misdemeanor.


BP, one of the world’s largest energy companies, agreed in October 2007 to plead guilty to the federal misdemeanor and pay $20 million in criminal penalties for two Prudhoe Bay spills. One was the largest spill on the North Slope; about 201,000 gallons of oil leaked onto the tundra and a frozen pond.”


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