Now, if those “investigator/reviewers” will dig beneath the upper and middle layers and get to the people who can really tell them what is going wrong, maybe we’ll get somewhere.  One person wrote me and told me that it did not matter who was appointed head of the agency (and they did indeed come and go with an alarming speed),  this person worked for, as the managers and middle managers below the appointed head, kept them uninformed and dazed, while the corruption continued to brew and strengthen itself and the corrupt ones found ways to profit.




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Agency Reviews Start Monday

Federal employees: Take note! Get a haircut and wear your best suit to work on Monday, because that’s when Obama transition team members may show up in your office to start reviewing “over 100 departments, agencies and commissions of the United States government,” according to Obama transition co-chairman John Podesta.

John Podesta, the co-chairman of Obama’s transition team. (Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images)

The former White House chief of staff said the agency review teams “will ensure that senior appointees have the information necessary to complete their confirmation process, lead their departments and begin implementing signature policy initiatives immediately after they’re sworn in.”

In a demonstration of unprecedented transition transparency, Podesta said his team will publicly release the names of every person on the agency review teams and those that will enter the agencies for review.

“They will be posted on our Web site,, as they are cleared to do their work,” Podesta said. “A list of team leaders with short bios will be available later this week. Other team members will be posted on the Web site when cleared, but prior to their entry into the agencies.” The transition Web site currently has a list of names but no biographies of those leading up the transition.

We know however that Melody Barnes and Lisa Brown will serve as the transition’s co-directors of agency review. Barnes used to work at the Center for American Progress, the group that Podesta heads and is currently on leave from.

Last Fall Barnes was named one of Washingtonian Magazine’s “Ten Well Dressed Women.”

Brown is on a leave of absence from her role as executive director of the American Constitution Society. She served as counsel to Vice President Al Gore, earned a B.A. in political economy from Princeton University in 1982 (Michelle Obama’s alma matter) and received a law degree from the University of Chicago Law School in 1986.

The transition itself will employ roughly 450 people, Podesta said, with a budget of at least $12 million. It will maintain offices in Washington and at the federal building in Chicago. We can expect President-elect Obama to publicly announce all cabinet-level appointments from Chicago and less-senior appointments will be announced as necessary.

So what do you think the Obama team’s reviews will unearth? Do you have any suggestions for what they should look for? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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