Do You Know a Good Labor or Whistleblower Attorney?


In communicating with various people, including readers of this blog, I’ve found that finding an attorney to assist and help protect people who are being beat up for doing their jobs, or who have elected to join the ranks of whistleblowers by doing the right ethical thing, is not a very easy thing to accomplish.   I’ve decided that there is a need to post names of good attorney’s that have served people well.  If you know an attorney who has helped you or someone you know who is working or worked in federal government, defense contractor, military, or other area and you can attest to their integrity and competence, please post their name, contact information and area of expertise.  If you can also describe testimonial style, how they were able to help you that would be great.  You may also email me using the link on this site. 


Thank you all for your assistance in this project!