Thanks, flyover_27, for highlighting my case. I still can say “bad” things about the company, as long as they are the truth. I have never strayed from telling the truth, and my blog, accessible from my website, is pretty hard hitting, most recently pointing out that not only former Assistent Attorney General Paul McNulty perjured himself before congress, but Boeing‘s CEO Jim McNerney did as well, knowingly (most likely) or not. I just can’t give out the details of what Boeing and their counsel ask me in their interviews. True, Boeing did ruin my life in an effort to go on the offensive agaunst one of their most “dangerous” (to their fraud) whistleblowers ever, trying to discredit me and imprison me in the process using illegally gathered “evidence” against me. Had I been convicted, corrupt Boeing management would have had one of their grandest back slapping parties ever in celebration, knowing they had imprisoned a whistleblower on their own crimes, knowing it was they who should have been imprisoned themselves for far worse crimes they committed than I was even accused of. Arrogant? Yes. But they do have a lock on the most arrogant, incompetent, and criminal management since Enron went down in flames.
Thanks again
Gerald Eastman
The Last (Boeing) Inspector