Dear Member,

There has never been a more crucial time to enact strong whistleblower protections.

Right now the government is spending billions of dollars in an effort to bailout the economy.  In addition, recent financial scandals have underlined the need for effective oversight and accountability in the government and private sector.

Whistleblowers are crucial to providing oversight and accountability to the public.  They deserve strong protections so that Americans can learn the truth. Now is your chance to push Congress to take action.

Unfortunately, most American workers remain unprotected from retaliation for reporting waste, fraud, and abuse.  Without whistleblower rights employees are often punished for telling the truth and, of course, other workers may be discouraged from blowing the whistle.  This past year has provided numerous examples of the disastrous consequences that result when Americans are silenced.   

Now is the time for change.

It takes courageous whistleblowers who are willing to speak up and tell the truth to uncover fraud.  The public, government leaders, and industry have finally recognized that whistleblowers are essential to ensure corporate and government accountability.  In fact, a study by the corporate accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2007 confirms the critical role whistleblowers play in fraud detection and prevention.

The time is now and that is why the National Whistleblowers Center is circulating a petition urging Congress to pass a national whistleblower protection law.  

Please do your part to help pass this critical legislation.  

1.    Sign the petition, then
2.    Forward it to your friends and family and urge others to sign.

Working together we can make meaningful whistleblower protection a reality!

Stephen M. Kohn
National Whistleblowers Center