Airbus could build next Air Force One; 747 due to be replaced

Los Angeles Times

For nearly two decades, Boeing’s 747 jumbo jet has served as the president’s flying White House, projecting America’s might wherever it landed.

But in the next decade, “United States of America” could end up being emblazoned on an even bigger plane that has been a symbol of European unity and pride.

The 747 Air Force One is scheduled to be replaced, and the new plane is likely to be stuffed with top-secret gee-whiz gadgetry, including countermeasures to thwart missile attacks, and aerial-refueling capabilities so it can fly for days without landing.

That’s on top of comforts likely to make even the world’s richest jet setters envious, including a medical facility and lavish staterooms with showers.

What it will not have is a presidential escape pod, analysts said, a feature that became an urban legend, thanks to a 1997 action film that starred Harrison Ford.

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