Questions about Jim Jones, National Security Advisor


Someone wrote me a question today about a person featured in some material I posted some time ago.  I post the question and a quick answer here, as well as more information about author, Shelly Stark and her research on European secrecy in banking and the device used by a lot of multinational companies (including many of our large defense contractors) to keep their financial machinations secret.  




Question:  Just a thought, but I wonder what the danger of General Jim Jones being so close to the President is to those of us seeking reform at Boeing. Why was he allowed in? It’s like having a fox in the henhouse.



Answer:  Yes, it is.  That is why I posted what I did on the blogs about him immediately upon hearing he was selected.  He was only on the Boeing Board of Directors for a year before accepting the Obama Admin. post. One might think it possible, he was inside and did not like what he saw.  If that is the case, I can understand he wanted out of there.  It does though, present the look of a fox sent in to seize control of guarding the hen house, if he is just moving through the revolving door to service the Boeing Company as so many before him have.  It is hard to tell what is really going on.  While on the Boeing Board of Directors, General Jim Jones  was in charge of something financial as his role on the board. In June 21, 2007 through Dec. 15, 2008 he served as a director on the Boeing Company’s Board of Directors, serving on the company’s audit and finance committees.  (



 I wonder what he really knows. It seems like he would have to know a lot of TBC’s inside financial business, including some things they’ve done that are not proper, unless the upper managers of the company keep the Board ignorant of what is really going on, which seems unlikely.  He may well know about the Hidden Treuhand, the secret European banking way companies can hide funds and stockholders and just about anything else from the U.S. government for various reasons including taxes or fraud or you name it. 



New Book Out Soon by Shelly Stark!  Must Read!


In addition, a writer, Shelly Stark, who wrote the article about this problem for Truthout, is shortly going to be publishing an intensive book on the subject of Hidden Treuhand and European Banking Secrecy.  She left a comment on my Word Press Blog.


She said,  “Hi! It’s me Shelley Stark. Thank all of you for commenting. Shirley, I hope you will read my book. I’m almost finished. You be sure to comment, I’m looking forward to hearing from you. You’re OK. Your just frustrated and it is not easy to separate all the issues facing all of us today. I love America, but that doesn’t mean I have to love what is being done to my country and its people. In fact, in light of my education and knowledge, it would be immoral to hold back this information. For that reason, I spent the last few years translating German law in order to explain a phenomenon that impacts our understanding of the war in Iraq, Halliburton, and even the current financial crisis. The book will include some of the documents I turned over to the IRS. I assure you, this is not a game. The foreword was written by the most religious man I have ever known if that makes you feel better- Ernst Florian Winter- Google him. Read his foreword when the book comes out. I did much of the work living high in the Austrian Alps in his 350 year old Tyrollean style home complete with wood burning stove for heat and cooking. No meal is eaten without prayers and on Sunday the local peasants hold Mass high in the meadow alps. It’s an event i wouldn’t miss though i admit I look forward to the barbeque and giant mugs of beer afterwards. The story is straight forward. Everything I claim is footnoted in the original German language. I don’t expect you to understand the German references but they are there nonetheless. I foretold that billions would go missing – this book explains how it is done – the Hidden Treuhand and European banking secrecy – that is why you can’t find it in any law in the English language. This is the dark side of globalization. God bless us all – we are going to need it.”