There sure are a lot of ugly things happening out there, in spite of promises to clean up the government and government contracting, shut down the revolving door etc. etc.  Those of you who’ve been reading my blog for some time know that I’ve featured posts regarding industry/government corruption, and shenanigans occurring in federal Defense Department offices, including oversight agencies.


A person who insists on remaining an anonymous Boeing whistleblower communicated this to me.  Considering what all has been going on and the abusive actions taken by Boeing against their own employees in the past, (See, I can fully understand why.  I admire and appreciate this person being willing to speak up.  I hope more of the people at Boeing will continue to speak up.  I know there are good people working there, as well as some others we’ve heard of who have not brought honor to the company.  If what they are reporting is accurate, what they are describing are wholly inappropriate efforts by a contractor to influence an oversight agency at its highest levels.  It is exactly the type of thing that our new administration must put a stop to now.  –GFS





Here is the letter:


Dear G. Florence Scott:


I am writing to you as an anonymous whistleblower.  I feel that I have to write anonymously because I fear retaliation from Boeing management and the Department of Defense.  I have worked for many years for Boeing and I have worked on many defense programs.  I have always tried to do what is right.  But now I find myself at moral odds with my company.  I work on a defense program called Wedgetail.  The Wedgetail program has had many design and engineering problems as long as I have been on it.  The problems are very serious and threaten cancellation of the contract with the Australian government.  The company management is under a lot of pressure for the program to succeed.  Because of these program problems my management is taking unusual risks with the security of the program.  I have just heard that a Boeing corporate security officer Tim McQuiggen flew back to the east coast to pressure the Department of Defense into letting Boeing conduct classified testing of the Wedgetail at remote locations that are not authorized for classified testing.  This type of corporate behavior does not seem right!


Anonymous Boeing Whistleblower