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Posted at 9:57 AM on February 6, 2009 by Marshall Chriswell

In Other Whistleblower News…3 More Important Stories

If you haven’t noticed, we have been really focused on passing stronger whistleblower laws in the economic stimulus bill. We had a major success when the bill passed the House of Representatives, and now we are moving on to the Senate. Although this legislation is the major whistleblower story this week, there are a few other stories on our radar, and I just wanted to share them with our readers.

First, and easily the second biggest whistleblower-related news story of the week, is the testimony of Harry Markopoulos, a financial analyst who tried to blow the whistle on Bernie Madoff’s $50 billion fraudulent Ponzi scheme for over a decade. Markopoulos offered stunning testimony before the House Financial Services Committee this week, condemning the SEC for ignoring his reports and mismanaging the investigation. Markopoulos told lawmakers that he “gave them [the SEC] a road map and a flashlight to find the fraud, and they didn’t go where I told them to go.”

Here are some articles detailing his testimony:

CBS NEWS: “Madoff Whistleblower is Finally Heard”
CNN MONEY: “Madoff Whistleblower Blasts SEC”
TIME: “A Madoff Whistleblower Tells His Story”

Now for some good news. Along with the legislative progress being made at the national level, two states are considering statutes to create and/or strengthen whistleblower protections.  This Minnesota Star-Tribune opinion piece explains the how Minnesota (and all states) can benefit from a False Claims Act. Minnesota’s legislature is considering enacting an FCA modeled on the federal law.

North Dakota is also considering strengthening its whistleblower laws after recent retaliation against state employees revealed that the laws are inadequate.

Our last bit of news comes from Texas, where Marilou Morrison, a former employee of the Texas Commission on Human Rights was awarded a jury verdict of nearly $1 million after suffering retaliation for blowing the whistle on racial discrimination in the agency’s hiring practices. The kicker is this: the Texas Commission on Human Rights is the agency that is supposed to enforce laws against discrimination. Ms. Morrison’s attorney Gary Bledsoe summed it up nicely by saying, “The agency that is supposed to enforce civil rights is being hit with basically a million dollar judgment for violating the very statutes they are required to enforce.”

Ok, now that you are up to date on whistleblower news from around the country, keep checking back for more information on the federal employee whistleblower legislation!

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Axel – February 6, 2009 11:46 AM

Dear NWC, 2/6/2009

Please note that a previous reply to your Sam Dratch NWC Article that mentioned Mr. Stephen and Michael Kohn and Mr. Colapinto willingness to assist our Legislatures and presumably all other vested Entities and/or Individuals in their efforts within this Whistleblower ‘Oversight and Accountability’ Protection Restoration Enhancement Act was removed after several days from your website.

Please note that you continue to have my support even though I have become more aware of some major discrepancies as from my not previously having more fully read the intended legislation Amendment. Also I have not completely and/or more fully read many parts of this impending Legislation Amendment although I would like to re-mention my previous reply which was

‘Thank you Mr. Stephen and Michael Kohn and Mr. Colapinto and all at the NWC for your continued due diligence, proper and forthright, dedication and perseverance with exemplary Fidelity, Integrity and Bravery in your admirable efforts and endeavors on behalf of all to support our great Country, Nation and democracy within and towards the proper and forthright interpretation(s) to preserve and protect our US Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Declaration and endeavors towards Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’.

Please note that in my view and opinion ‘ALL CIRCUIT REVIEW’ in our US Courts including in District, Appellate is mandated in proper and forthright interpretation of our US Constitution Bill of Rights and without a 5 year time limit and may not be excluded as in the Platts//Van Hollen revised HR985 Amendment!! As I presume you well know that this ‘ALL CIRCUIT REVIEW’ is absolutely critical and in compliance of our US Constitution Bill of Rights to hope to insure as best as possible a unfettered balance in our US Legal System and a mandated substantial and necessary reduction to conflict of interest concerns.

Also I am saddened to notice that most of these very same US Legislatures as I have previously stated on NWC, GAP and POGO websites as a blog comment reply have instituted the repeal of Glass Stegal, Gramm//Billing etcetra Act and the 2000 Commodity Futures Trading Act. Also, today I was again further saddened to hear that the new CIA Chief has somehow presumptively stated his recommendation to not prosecute for past (and possibly future??) crimes of torture!! A seemingly complete lack of respect and regard to ‘Oversight and Accountability” and our US Justice Department that has seemingly accomplished remarkable accomplishments in the recent past few weeks!! even though I continue to be saddened that the US application implementation of the Death Penalty has not been halted!! Absolutely appalling!!

Obviously there are many other concerns and acknowledgements that I would prefer to mention at this time, although in my efforts to be brief, I will close and wish you the best of good luck and good wishes.

Thank you and all for your time and considration.

Axel V. Sabersky