Current and Former Federal Employees – Your Help Needed!

I’m working on a piece about what the heck happened to federal government oversight. Would you be willing to help? You can be quoted as an anonymous federal employee if you like, or I can share the info without quoting. Your choice.

If you are willing, what do you think? Here are some questions to get you started:

1. How did oversight work when you started your career compared to now. (Please give approximate decade references for comparison’s sake)

2. What was the institutional attitude about the oversight job you do when you first began your career? Has it changed? Explain how and when.

3. How were education and training handled when you began your career?

4. Have you seen any changes over the years (decades) in how education and training have been handled, or provided to employees? How about the amount allowed or offered?

5. How is the balance and distribution of senior employees (investigators, security specialists, special agents etc.) to junior or inexperienced employees?

6. In your opinion, are the senior people in the field as well trained and knowledgable as they used to be?

7. Are your managers well-trained senior employees? In answering this, give information about years of experience and status of your managers prior to being selected or appointed to their current management positions.

8. Is your agency allowing you to do your job? As an oversight employee, do you feel you can investigate and develop a case without pressure or interference from managers above you or others? Please explain as you can.

If there is anything else that you wish to share that will be illuminating, please continue. I am suspecting some things have changed rather a lot in the last 30 years and would like to see if there is more anecdotal information to round out the story.

Thanks, GFS