I guess you have to decide what kind of person you are: one who thinks all people at the root are bad or one who thinks all people at the root are good. The first type of person tends to be very pessimistic, feeling that there is no hope. The second kind of person holds out hope and keeps trying, even though some human beings, given choices, make bad ones.

I throw my vote in with Carol. I am not naïve. I’ve seen too much and survived too much to be. I understand Mr. Kinan’s disgust with how things have been going in government offices and the sense of despair that nothing will change and whistleblowers will continue to be beat up. But having said that, I must add that we cannot give up. We cannot do as a famous American general once said; “leave the enemy in command of the field.” We need to keep reaching out to find others who are not so jaded that they’ve lost hope.  It seems the surest way to control a population and maintain control…take away their hope and faith in the possibility of improvement and change.  And those malevolent persons and groups most certainly have been applying this strategy in recent years. 

By joining together, I know we can make a difference for ourselves and for those in the future. I ask everyone to report what they know, particularly if they are industry or government employees reporting corruption of the oversight or contracting process, and do what they can to support not only whistleblowers, but also organizations which can help them. -GFS







From: Kyle Stone, Public Citizen [mailto:publiccitizen@mail.democracyinaction.org]

Sent: Friday, March 06, 2009 1:16 PM

Subject: Blowing the Whistle on Washington Begins Sunday




National Whistleblowers Assembly


March 8th – 11th, Washington, D.C.

It’s Your Turn to Blow the Whistle!




Public Citizen and the Make It Safe Coalition work to achieve the strongest possible protections to ensure that brave government employees who call attention to waste, fraud and abuse do not have to fear retaliation.


Next week, an important assembly will convene to urge Congress to take the next step forward in strengthening accountability and transparency in government.


What Is It?

Organized by the Make it Safe Coalition, the 2009 National Whistleblower Assembly is a gathering of whistleblowers and advocates.  Together they will lobby members of Congress, share stories and educate the public.


When Is It?

The Assembly will be held in Washington D.C. from Sunday, March 8th – Wednesday, March 11th.  View the schedule of events.


Why Should I Care?

Whistleblowers ensure real accountability, protect Americans’ tax dollars in the stimulus and other government spending, and are indispensable to a healthy, non-corrupt government.


What If I Can’t Make It?  What Can I Do?

1) Take action now:  you can join the whistleblowers and advocates coming to Washington by contacting your members of Congress, or you can sign the petition. 


2) Join the Facebook page and invite all of your friends!


3) Please spread the word to friends, family and colleagues by forwarding this message!


For more information about this event and whistleblower and taxpayer rights, visit us here.


Thank you for all you do,

Kyle, Angela, and the rest of the action team at Public Citizen’s Congress Watch Division


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I wanted to let you know that as it currently stands, government whistleblowers don’t have the protections we would expect for our public servants. When scientific research is altered or suppressed, government contractors waste millions of taxpayer dollars, or national security documents are falsified, federal employees need to know that they can blow the whistle without reprisals endangering their careers and their lives. 


This upcoming Assembly will bring together whistleblowers from all over the country.  The stories they share with attendees at these meetings are in many cases like horror films which have been personally experienced!  I wanted to personally invite you to come with me and share the experiences of many of these people.


The intimidation of government whistleblowers results in waste, fraud and abuse of the public trust. I know since I personally have been there where my supervisors bullied and professionally abused me, and then removed me from federal service while totally ignoring federal codes and laws.  President Obama is now realizing the waste and abuse in government contracting.  While I was working at Navy as a Contracting Officer, I considered it a privilege to protect the American taxpayer’s dollars by assuring Program Managers were getting usable products for dollars being spent.  Unfortunately for both me and the American taxpayers, my superiors at Navy were more interested in advancement of their careers than in obtaining usable products at a reasonable cost to support our troops.  The Senior Executive Service (SES) official who ignored the Federal Code and Regulations while removing me from federal service and then when I won the right to a hearing from the Federal Circuit, he lied under oath as to why he removed me.  This SES is now the Director of Contracts at Homeland Security!  How can we expect government contracting to be honestly run when we have people such as him at the helm?  Whistleblowers need to have their cases heard and they need stronger laws to ascertain that managers such as what I experienced are punished rather than being promoted to higher level positions.


Last year, strong whistleblower protection bills were passed in both houses of Congress. Now it’s time for Congress to put aside politics and finish the job for the American people by passing a final bill.  The main reason Senator Collins objected to including the Whistleblower Law in the stimulus package was cited as National Security.  In my opinion, the doors of National Security should NEVER give any organization, and especially a government organization, the right to ignore laws, rules and regulations which have been established to protect the citizens of the United States.  Our country is in a great financial crisis and the only way we can get out of this is by good, honest citizens banning together and taking a STRONG STAND for the democracy we cherish.


You can help! Learn more and sign the petition at whistlebloweraction.org.  Please join me in helping to make our great nation morally, ethically, and financially strong once more.




Carol Czarkowski





Dear Folks:


The Convention’s goals and objectives are commendable but be assured that whistle blower protection, which is what the America really needs, is a myth.  There is no such protection and never will be.  The “government” found out that there is no money in eliminating public corruption, fraud, waste and abuse.  There is only money to promote it by ignoring it and growing it.


Whistleblowers shall continue to be punished and fired because public corruption is what many top officials in government prefer, as we see in the case of the DoD IG’s office.  Most of the SES officials in that office are totally corrupt.  Since I name names, the lowlifes include, Leonard C. Trahan, Jr. James L. Pavlik, John Crane, Thomas Gimble, Don Horstman, former SES lowlifes Joseph Schmidt, Uldric Fiore, Jr., and L. Jerry Hansen.  There are others and I shall keep you posted. Do you suspect that any one of these lowlifes who are using their government position to commit high crime against the government would sue me for defamation of their lowlife character?    


Consider the low life conduct of Bernie Madoff who stole the hopes, dreams and promises of millions of people and who did big damage worldwide.  In addition, he wiped out the charitable organizations who delivered much needed services to so many needy kids.  You cannot get any lower than Madoff. 


Here is one reason why whistleblower protection will never happen.  During the years that Madoff and his family were stealing, Madoff was paying off key people in high places and in government so that when he got caught, he would have maximum protection from these same beneficiaries. These “insurance payoffs” served him well.  Sure enough, Madoff got caught and sure enough he has protection.  Madoff’s punishment:  He was banished to a $7 million penthouse with a maid, steaks, chops and lobster dinners.  In China, he would have been shot the next morning. Despite the fact that Madoff has done worldwide damage, he is a penthouse and negotiating deals with the Justice Department.  Pretty sick stuff.


Carol Czarkowski was an exemplary government employee but she lost he job because she was working on behalf of the people and complying with the law, the rules and regulations.  of it.  One of the individuals involved in Carol’s removal was a lowlife coward named Thomas Essig and another lowlife coward named Leonard C. Trahan, Jr. 


Trahan’s record of framing innocent individuals is one of the worst in government.  He is a coward of cowards – no courage, no morals, no ethics.  He hosts nothing but misery.  I can imagine what his family life must have been.  He is a dark operator and deserves only pity.


Attached is my 30 page affidavit, which tells you more of what Trahan and his lowlife group are all about.


All comments and request for official government evidence will receive a response.


Please give this email and my affidavit wide distribution.


Thank you.


Douglas Kinan



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