featured this article by Barbara Koeppel, discussing the problem of labor and immigration laws that allow indentured servant status that in practice is closer to slavery.  I’ve been thinking about this problem, since hearing about the type of immigration visa Microsoft’s Bill Gates had negotiated with the government in order to bring foreign nationals into the United States to work for Microsoft.


Some of the conditions were:


  1. The visa will be good only for a certain period of time, something like seven or eight years.
  2. The foreign national will not be allowed to change employers and must continue to work for Microsoft and do their bidding.
  3. The foreign national will be paid as Microsoft chooses; I hear it is a lower wage than American Citizens with those skills will work for here.
  4. The foreign national is not allowed to start or finish the naturalization process to be come a citizen.
  5. At the end of the time of bonded servitude, the foreign national will be deported back to their own country, (for many India).

It does sound more like Indentured Slavitude.






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Indentured Servants, Circa 2009

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