Anyone reading this blog know any of these people?  Have any information about their background and employment history?  How about any known conflicts of interest?  Revolving Door participant?





National Industrial Security Program Policy Advisory Committee (NISPPAC) Membership

The members of the NISPPAC are representatives of those departments and agencies most affected by the National Industrial Security Program and non-government representatives of contractors, licensees, or grantees involved with classified contracts, licenses, or grants, as determined by the Chair. The Chair appoints the members of NISPPAC. The ISOO Director chairs the NISPPAC. The members include 16 representatives from Executive branch agencies and eight representatives from industry.




Government Members:

Charles S. Phelan- Central Intelligence Agency

Mary H. Griggs- Defense Security Service

William A. Davidson- Department of the Air Force

Lisa Gearhart- Department of the Army

David Bell- Department of Commerce

Stephen Lewis- Department of Defense

Barbara R. Stone- Department of Energy

John J. Young- Department of Homeland Security

James L. Dunlap- Department of Justice

Sean L. Carney- Department of the Navy

Kimberly Baugher- Department of State

Phillip Bounds- National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Dennis Hanratty- National Security Agency

Mark Lombard- Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Richard L. Hohman- Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Kathy L. Dillaman (Observer)- Office of Personnel Management

William J. Bosanko, Chair- Information Security Oversight Office

Industry Members:

Chris R. Beals- Fluor Corporation

Richard Lee Engel- Booz-Allen-Hamilton

Sheri Escobar- Sierra Nevada Corporation

Marshall C. Sanders- SRA International

Douglas B. Hudson- Johns Hopkins University – Applied Physics Laboratory

Vincent Jarvie- L-3 Communications Corporation

Timothy J. McQuiggen- The Boeing Company

Scott D. Conway- Northrop Grumman Corporation