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Help from Congress is needed

A recent editorial argued Congress should “butt out and let the Defense Department do its job” in procuring the new generation of Air Force refueling tankers.
Sadly, the problem is the Defense Department has failed for the better part of a decade to “do its job” in getting the American war fighter a modern, efficient, refueling tanker. Its efforts have resulted in a procurement scandal that saw a government official and a high-ranking Boeing executive go to prison for a corrupt lease proposal. In fact, this pillaging of the taxpayer might not have been exposed had U.S. Sen. John McCain not “butted in” and exposed the fraud.
Last year, the Defense Department awarded the tanker contract to the Northrop/EADS team only to later cave in to Boeing’s misinformation campaign and punt the problem to the next administration. So here we are, nearly a decade after the Defense Department began “doing its job,” with no new tankers in the air, or even in production.
Sometimes, congressional intervention is called for. I hope Rep. John Murtha, Sen. Daniel K. Inouye and the Alabama congressional delegation will continue to fight for a split buy.

-Concerned Citizen