From Ms. Sparky:


Yes, you read that right. KBR has filed suit against The United States of America (the taxpayer). Apparently they got audited over the Tamimi charges for the Camp Anaconda dining facilities (DFAC) and payment was withheld in the amount of $41 million. I have a feeling this is just the first of the KBR lawsuits against the US Government. I suspect every time they get caught violating the contact and funds are withheld, they will sue.If you are on a non KBR computer (they still have me blocked for the most part) and have access to Ms Sparky click HERE to read all about it. I have also downloaded and linked to the complaint filed. If not keep and eye out on the news. I have forwarded the docs to EVERYONE!!

Yes, KBR is terminating people. Tensions seem to be running high and tempers are flaring in some camps. Please keep in mind if you assault someone the Iraqi’s take over. So don’t try to take revenge out on your manager. If you want revenge, come home and tell your story to Congress or the countless investigators investigating KBR. Don’t be stupid!! Email me and let me know how terminations are going at your camp. Don’t think for a minute that it won’t be you. Get your stuff packed. They are giving some people only ONE days notice. And, my personal opinion on turning in your CAC card while you are stuck in country is…..I wouldn’t. That is basically your passport/visa for the military bases. That gives you permission to be there, to eat at the DFAC’s and go to the PX.

Click HERE for a link to the Senate DPC site to view the entire hearing video, read the statements and view some very interesting supporting documents. The Senate DPC staff did a great job on this hearing!

Do you know who these people are from Camp Harper/Camp Adder? Person on the left is possibly a plumber, center is security, right is security. 

I know KBR is going to put on the pressure with threats and intimidation. That is their MO. Just be smart!

If you have questions you can email me by replying to this Update.

Be safe!!

Ms Sparky
(aka Debbie Crawford)