A reader, claiming disgust at the accusations thrown by Boeing at Northrop Grumman over subbing for a larger “foreign” contractor has provided a list of Boeing Subsidiaries taken from Boeing’s own 2006 SEC Filing with the U.S. Government.   This is very interesting…and disgusting too.  It would appear they all do it.    -GFS


G. Florence-


Boeing- Our All American Defense Contractor that subs to EADS on AWACS.  And this is different from Northrop Grumman subbing to EADS on the Air Force tanker how?


 2006 SEC 10K Filing:  Boeing Subsidiaries, Part 1


BOEING 10-K · For 12/31/06 · EX-21

Filed On 2/16/07 2:11pm ET   ·   SEC File 1-00442   ·   Accession Number 1193125-7-33902

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 2/16/07  Boeing Co                         10-K       12/31/06   12:367                                    RR Donnelley/FA

Annual Report   ·   Form 10-K
Filing Table of Contents

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 1: 10-K        Annual Report                                       HTML  1,394K

 2: EX-10.(I)   364-Day Credit Agreement                            HTML    367K

 3: EX-10.(II)  Five-Year Credit Agreement                          HTML    432K

 4: EX-10.(VI)  Delta Inventory Supply Agreement                    HTML     50K

 5: EX-10.(XXX)  Supplemental Pension Agreement                     HTML     18K

 6: EX-12       Computation of Ratio of Earnings to Fixed Charges   HTML     19K

 7: EX-21       List of Company Subsidiaries                        HTML     71K

 8: EX-23       Consent of Independent Registered Public            HTML      6K

                          Accounting Firm                                        

 9: EX-31.(I)   Section 302 Ceo Certification                       HTML     13K

10: EX-31.(II)  Section 302 Cfo Certification                       HTML     13K

11: EX-32.(I)   Section 906 Ceo Certification                       HTML      8K

12: EX-32.(II)  Section 906 Cfo Certification                       HTML      7K


EX-21   ·   List of Company Subsidiaries

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 EXHIBIT (21) – List of Company Subsidiaries

The Boeing Company and Subsidiaries


Name    Place ofIncorporation
692567 Ontario Limited    Ontario
757UA, Inc.    Delaware
767ER, Inc.    Delaware
AeroSpace Employees’ Superannuation Fund Pty Ltd    Australia
AeroSpace Technologies of Australia Limited    Australia
Aileron Inc.    Delaware
Akash, Inc.    Delaware
Aldford-1 Corporation    Delaware
Alteon Training Asia LLC    Korea, Republic of
Alteon Training Australia Pty Ltd    Australia
Alteon Training Holding UK Limited    United Kingdom
Alteon Training International SARL    France
Alteon Training International Spain, S.L.    Spain
Alteon Training L.L.C.    Delaware
Alteon Training Leasing Corp.    Delaware
Alteon Training Mexico, S.A. de C.V.    Mexico
Alteon Training Services, Inc.    Delaware
Alteon Training Singapore PTE Ltd    Singapore
Alteon Training UK Limited    United Kingdom
Astro Limited    Bermuda
Astro-II, Inc.    Vermont
Atara Services Norway AS    Norway
Autometric, Inc.    Maryland
Autonetics, Inc.    Delaware
Autonomous Underwater Ventures, LLC    Delaware
Aviall, Inc.    Delaware
Aviall Services, Inc.    Delaware
Aviall Product Repair    Delaware
Aviall (UK) Limited    England
Aviall Foreign Sales Corporation    Barbados
Aviall Asia Limited    Hong Kong
Aviall Airstocks Limited    Hong Kong
Aviall (Canada) Ltd.    Ontario
Aviall de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.    Mexico
Aviall Australia Pty Ltd    Australia
Aviall New Zealand    New Zealand
Aviall Japan Limited    Japan
Bahasa Aircraft Corporation    Delaware
BCC (Aircraft Acquisitions) Limited    United Kingdom
BCC Aruba Leasing A.V.V.    Netherlands Antilles
BCC Bolongo Company    Delaware
BCC Bolongo Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
BCC Bucuti Leasing A.V.V.    Netherlands Antilles
BCC Carbita Point Company    Delaware
BCC Carbita Point Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
BCC Cascades Corporation    Delaware