Boeing again delays initial

787 test flight


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Forbes posted a short announcement that the Boeing Company has again delayed the first test flight of the 787 jetliner.  This aircraft is a hoped for boon for Boeing, with many presales.  Its success is very important to the success and perhaps even survival of the company. 

Forbes reported that Boeing said it is being delayed again so they can “reinforce small areas near the connection of the wings and fuselage before conducting the test flight.”  Boeing says the test will occur before July.  That would be only a few days from now.  Boeing continues to revise the delivery schedule for customers.  

Boeing’s main competition for this type of sale is the Airbus SA.  Both Boeing and Airbus are reported to be fighting the receding orders due to the recession, and a decline of air travel in general. 


One has to wonder why Boeing is having so many technical problems that seem to be lagging in finding solutions.  Some of my readers have suggested that the continuing brain drain at Boeing has had its effect.  More than one person suggested that Boeing’s alleged cannibalizing of technology and material from one project using it on other projects at Boeing’s whim, has also put a damper on new technology development and creativity on the part of those who are supposed to be the creative problem solvers working there. 

When you look at all the news reports, many of which are referenced on this site, regarding problems with satellites, border fences, technical problems involving safety and airworthiness on planes, and development of new products which will meet the needs of government defense projects as well as commercial air demands, one must give it more than a cursory thought.