I have called the White House’s attention to a particularly obnoxious situation in which two whistleblowers have been egregiously betrayed by the United States Federal Government in Texas.  These two men, father and son, stood up and tried to report and stop some serious fraud and have suffered outrageous retribution for it, from their former employer, but also have suffered indifference, neglect and hostility from local and federal law enforcement and agencies with oversight responsibilities.


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July 3, 2009


Dear President Obama:


I am sending you a compelling story of courage on the part of two whistleblowers and the betrayal due to the absolute corruption that some parts of our government has suffered in the past decade.  This is not the only story like this.  I am sending you this one, as the father and son who sent this in have chosen to take this public, due to the total devastation of their lives by not only the bad actors in their former employer, but also the neglect or outright hostility of those government agencies that should have been supporting them while competently investigating and prosecuting the wrongdoers. 


Please use your significant authority and power to direct some real clean up of this situation including the federal agencies involved, and assist these whistleblowers.  No one should have to endure such retribution for trying to stand up and do the right thing. 




G. Florence Scott



 This letter was originally posted on Yahoo Group, Whistleblower 411 by the two whistleblowers.

Why a poor man can not afford to be a whistle blower for the United
States Government

My name is Alton Eugene Aaron and my son’s name is Jacob Eugene Aaron.
We are legal residents of Ector County in Odessa, TX

I had been hired by my ex-employer as a Computer Specialist on or
about June of 2006. Because of my having over 36 years experience
with computers my job quickly expanded to include, Information
Technology (IT), Web Developer and designer, Database Administrator,
Server Administrator, and Network Administrator for the company.

Jacob had been requested to relocate from Mobile, Alabama to Odessa,
Texas because he had shown natural skills and talents for controlling
inventory while working for a company during hurricane Katrina relief
efforts. He began working on Feb 26, 2007.

Between July 18th and July 24th it had been brought to my attention on
4 occasions that the software that managed inventory had been
corrupted. At the same time Jacob began to see major irregularities
and deletions of entries that he had made while managing inventory.

When we started researching the data corruption and the deleted
transactions there seemed to be an obvious trail of tampering. Both
transactions and the history records of those transactions had been
removed from the database.

On Aug 6 2007 Jacob and I presented our findings to our employer to
show that the software had been tampered with.

On Aug 7 2007 we found ourselves being threatened with termination if
we would not participate in the crime we suspected. Our employer
retaliated by placing us under oppressive supervision of the
individual we had reported we suspected and were treated with undue

On Aug 10 2007 Jacob and I due to the fear of further retaliation
reported to the Internal Revenue Service that we suspected our
employer of conspiracy to commit fraud and feared that the retaliation
would endanger our lives and our families. We requested protection
under the Whistleblower Act.

The clerk at the IRS could not even connect us with an agent of the
Criminal Investigation Dept. I was given a form to fill out and that
form was mailed to the Criminal Investigation Dept of the IRS in
California. When I asked about the protection for our families the
clerk suggested we try the FBI.

Jacob and I went to the FBI and explained our situation and the
possible evidence that I had on my laptop. We requested that the FBI
take custody of the laptop and help us get protection from any further

The FBI then contacted the Texas Rangers and we asked the Texas
Rangers for help but they stated that there probably was not anything
they could do.

When I arrive home at 2:30 I am met by my wife and an Ector County
Sheriffs Deputy. My wife explains that my employer had called almost
half a dozen times and even came to the house to find out where I was.
When she told the employer that I was out of town and probably would
not be back the deputy was sent to retrieve my keys, work uniforms,
and the laptop. I explained to the deputy what was contained on the
laptop and asked to have the Ector County Sheriffs Department take
custody they declined.

On Aug 13th we returned to the FBI and finished filing a statement
with that agency; again requesting protection for ourselves and our
families. We were politely informed that had this been a drug case or
something of that nature we might would have qualified, but this was

On Aug 14th Jacob and I are both served with a restraining order and
notice that we were being sued for disseminating trade secrets.

On Aug 22nd I am contacted by the Criminal Investigation Department of
the IRS and asked to bring the possible evidence to an agent, but now
I am under a restraint that forbids me even cooperating with the
federal government. I would be in contempt of court to perform a
civil duty required of me.

On Aug 24 Jacob and I are sued in court by the employer and judgment
goes for the employer.
Jacob and I were drawn into court, treated like criminals. When we
requested a court appointed attorney we were denied. We found
ourselves in a hostel court alone. I might even be in contempt of
court to speak to the press about this, but if I do go to jail maybe
someone else will benefit from this article.

We sought our rights under the whistleblower act that states ” It is
illegal for an employer to retaliated in any way against an employee
for reporting suspicion of a crime”. We have not found one single
agency to take a stand for our rights as whistleblowers.
As of today Jacob and I have sought help from all of the following
1. IRS
2. FBI
3 Texas Rangers
4 Ector County Sheriff’s Department
5 Texas Attorney General
6 District Attorney
7 US Attorney General
8 US Marshal’s Office

All 8 have answered the same, Hire an attorney, we can’t help you!