One of the group members on Yahoo Group, Whistleblower 411, made a comment,  (Now you’re forever on the Public Enemy #1 List), following another member’s question to the Aaron’s about their frustrating and devastating experiences with both their employer, all of the Texas branches of state and federal law enforcement (oversight agencies included).


When a person makes the decision to stand up to what is wrong, for instance refuse to be co-opted or coerced into committing fraud by an employer, or trying to stop waste and abuse or threats to the public, either directly or by refusing to tacitly allow it to occur, that person is not going to be popular with the employer, or at least those bad actors within the company or agency.  At the point you choose to not go down that corrupt path, you are going to take some heat, I would estimate in nearly all cases. 


So, think about it.  By speaking out further, what are you risking? 


-That your former employer might be mean to you? 

-That your former employer might take retribution on you, undermine you on the job?

-Isolate you and try to frighten other employees into running the other way when they see you coming?

-Set you up to fail in your job?

-Sabotage your computer or software so you quickly are unable to meet timelines or do your work?

-Try to maneuver you into the position you’ve compromised yourself so they can blackmail you?

-Take away your security clearance, or try to with some trumped up accusation?

-Try to negatively affect your personal business matters to threaten your maintaining a security clearance or reputation?

-Deny travel funds so you cannot leave the office to do your job assignments?

-Overload you so dramatically that you are unable to keep up with statistics monitored by upper managers who live at their computers being bean counters?

-Overload you so dramatically in excess workload that you don’t have enough time to complete all reports in a “timely fashion” even if you work hours, unreported at home to try to catch up?

-Create discord and chaos in your family life including destroy your marriage, financially ruin you?

-Threaten you in a host of other ways, whatever crack they can find or create in the fabric of your life including physical threats to your safety?


All of these things have happened in the past to real people who’ve tried to address fraud, waste, abuse, and frankly criminal behavior on the job.  In fact, these things are happening to other employees right now, and until we get this mess cleaned up will continue to happen to employees, both industry and government, in the future.


Once you do the right thing and stand up to the unethical wrongdoers, even in a small matter, you are going to be a target for some or all of these atrocities anyway.  So, really, putting fear and panic aside and thinking rationally, what do you have to lose?


We all have areas of influence.  We must stand up for ourselves and for others. 


We must all continue to assertively but professionally stand up to the criminal element in both industry and government and demand accountability and change.  We must all continue in any way we can to demand our government confront corruption within itself as well as within industry. Our government has the authority to demand integrity and compliance to the law if federal employees would have the will individually and collectively to do so.  If the Executive and Legislative branch also had the will to do what is right, they too could hold the line.  And if the Judicial branch corruption and failings were addressed and resolved by the Executive and Legislative branches, we might finally get somewhere with oversight and prosecutions.


It seems to me that some sort of clearinghouse of lawyers willing and able to take on whistleblower cases is needed for one thing.  Maybe Whistleblower 411 could start a working list of such legal professionals.  I can think of at least a dozen who need legal representation right now, who have been hard pressed to find someone who is able and willing to do it.


I greatly admire the people who have the conviction and courage to stand up! In light of this, if any of you wish to place your stories or other information on one or more of my Whistleblower blogs, (see web page addresses below) and do not want to add your ideas via comments on blog posts, you may email me with your concerns and information. 


You also may contact me to ask for my mailing address for sending materials “snail mail,” if you do not wish to transmit them electronically.  I will send the mail address to you privately to your email address, rather than in this open forum.  You may have your story reported anonymously or credited to your name, as you wish.  I will do what I can to help you call attention to the problems you have discovered or experienced.


Carry on persistently,


G. Florence Scott