Boeing Qui-Tam Case (Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle –EKV)






February 3, 2000

TO: Honorable Senate Committees and House Committees

and Honorable Government Officials

FROM: Dr. Nira Schwartz

2800-187 Plaza Del Amo

Torrance, CA. 90503


Tel: 310-787-8557


1.      Qui-Tam Case CV96-3065 RAP Federal Court Los Angeles Related to Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV) Contract # DASG60-90-C-0165.

1.      Government Fraud and False Project/Technologies

2.      Please have the Government intervene in my Qui-Tam Case

3.      Please investigate the “Crime” and “covering-up” created by BOEING/TRW/NRC and some Government employees


Dear Honorable Officials,

I need your help to prevent the Government fraud and false EKV project/technologies. Please intervene in my Qui-Tam case. So far the Government declined to intervene in this Qui-Tam Case. I do believe that the Government employees that elected not to intervene in my case are not representing the true interest of the Government and/or our Nation.

1.      Nutshell Description

2.      For over ten years Contractor BOEING/TRW/NRC provided fraud and false technologies relative to a project known as Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV). Contract # DASG60-90-C-0165. Exo-atmospheric-kill-vehicle.

3.      BOEING/TRW/NRC provided to the Government false EKV performance reports, false test results, false test procedures, false robustness evaluation, false Risk Reduction test results and analysis. False discrimination performance that was based on alleged prior knowledge that was stated by the Government Technical Requirement Document (TRD) not to be available.

4.      Mr. Roberson at GBI/ARMY Huntsville Alabama sabotaged the DCIS/SCHWARTZ investigation, and concealed the Kalman Filter (KF) discrimination technology test results that pointed to performance that did not comply with the Government TRD performance requirements. This to cover up for the BOEING/TRW/NRC milking the Government for over ten years. Also to cover up for his wrong doing, of not reading the performance reports properly.

5.      Mr. Boster at GBI/ARMY Huntsville Alabama sabotaged the DCIS/SCHWARTZ investigation and openly refused to read the DCIS reports created by Special Agent Samuel Reed. Mr. Boster authorized false flight tests of the EKV project, and removed from the attacking scenarios deployed lethal objects that he became aware that the BOEING/TRW/NRC technologies will not discriminate, while reporting to his superiors of no problems.

6.      BOEING/TRW/NRC/POET reported false excellent EKV discrimination performance with the IFT-1A flight data. While their test result show that the PAT (Probability to Assign a Target) was less than 40% of what they falsely reported to the Government, with no way to correct it.

7.      Mr. Kith Englander and Mr. Charles Rando BMDO/DOD at Defense Pentagon in Washington knowingly approved and accepted false test performance results that were based on after the fact analysis. Approved discrimination of technology that must relay on parameters and their values not available in combat. Mr. Englander approved discrimination technology for over 10 years that must get close to the object within xx seconds to make discrimination but too late to maneuver to another object if it was the wrong object. Both approved kinetic interception knowingly that will not perform when the deployed objects are with xx attachment and/or yy attachment and/or with zz deployed motions. All defined within the TRD. Both ignored any conclusions from the Chinese missiles.

8.      LtCol. John B. Hoffman, United Sates Army Legal Services, Arlington VA, and Mr. Dennis Egan DOJ (Tel: 202-307-0240) wrote a letter on behalf of the Government decline intervention in SCHWARTZ Qui-Tam case that was based on lies.

9.      The project was originated in and about 1990. DCIS/SCHWARTZ investigation lasted since 1996 until 1999. Schwartz personally met the people listed above. For years SCHWARTZ also wrote to Secretary of Defense Honorable William S. Cohen, DIRKSEN, Secretary of Defense, 1000 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301-1000, and to Senate members but was ignored.

Even though Government officials and Army Generals are aware of the False BOEING/TRW/NRC EKV technology, million of dollars are still spend on flights testing this fraud. False interceptions with alleged missiles are provided to the public, while they were ‘arranged’ and that in real life with the use of enemy missile/deployment hardware/conditions these interceptions will not occur.

10.  Why not to develop a true technology. Why spending the public time and money on technology known not to work?

11.  The Result of the covering up by Government officials is that BOEING was awarded the EKV Lead System Engineer (LSI) and TRW was awarded the System Engineer of the EKV program. Both companies were awarded nine billion dollars as a price for their “crime” and “covering up” as Special Agent Reed of DCIS reported on 1999 (enclosed) and was forced to retire, and the Government Officials harassed and retaliated against SCHWARTZ, and declined intervention in her case based on lies. [Government and Government officials are endangering the Public safety for their own political benefits].

12.  The Problem is that the Government officials that are suppose to bring the fraud and false companies and technologies to Justice are part of the fraud.

13.  The performance reports of BOEING/TRW/NRC of the EKV program were false. To continue the cover up, Mr. Englander of DOD/BMDO falsely elected POET companies (such as Lawrence Livermore, MIT, and Aerospace Corporation) to be independent evaluator of the EKV BOEING/TRW/NRC. While Mr. Englander carefully selecting these companies to assure their final evaluations will be within his “request”, since all of these companies were retained by BOEING/TRW to perform work on the same EKV project, or worked intensively with BOEING/TRW. Special Agent Reed requested to perform independent evaluation of the EKV technology and was denied, by lack of money.

14.  The EKV discrimination based on an IR sensor does not work and will not work. The BOEING technology will not discriminate the lethal object deployed out of the decoys. The EKV will not destroy/intercept with an object that has an “xxx” (classified shape that the enemy use), or a “yyy” (classified shape that the enemy use) or posses zzz motion, that the enemy missiles deployed objects have, or have the enemy deployed mechanism, in a kinetic impact. All are a large percentage of the enemy lethal deployed objects inventory, and identified within the Government TRD (Technical Requirement Document).

15.  A Qui-Tam case #CV96-3065 Honorable Judge Paez, federal Court Los Angeles. Where the Government declined to intervene.

16.  The Honorable Judge Paez Los Angeles Federal Court dismissed the Qui-Tam case unless SCHWARTZ finds a lawyer within 30 days from today.

17.  Local Rule 2.1 does not allow SCHWARTZ as a Pro se to represent the Government in a Qui-Tam case.

18.  SCHWARTZ may be connected at Tel: 310-787-8557, fax: 310-782-9074, Email:, or at 2800-187 Plaza Del Amo, Torrance, CA. 90503.

19.  SCHWARTZ has DCIS/DOD-IG documents to support her allegations. SCHWARTZ has tests result she performed, the POET performed, and BOEING/TRW performed.

20.  SCHWARTZ requests to have the Government intervene in the Qui-Tam Case. Investigate and stop the fraud, and punish the Companies and Government officials that knowingly supported the fraud.

21.  Please initiate a congressional investigation reflecting these above issues.

22.  No point writing the Inspector General of the Defense Department DOD-IG requesting a renewed investigation. They are aware of the problem, and were part of causing/forcing Special Agent Reed to retire. The only person that was honest and lost his job within the Government to protect our Nation.

23.  For ten years we tested technologies that do not work, and will not work. The enemy is improving his Deployed objects, while we are playing interception with out-dated deployed objects, and with technologies that will not work, and known not to be working since 1979.

24.  Enclosed are three documents. Mr. Roy Danchick Declaration, Special Agent Reed reports.

Please intervene in my Qui-Tam case. Please investigate and stop the fraud in the EKV project/program.




Dr. Nira Schwartz