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I have been traveling and am behind on my comment responses. I hope to get those caught up within the next day or so. Thanks to my faithful readers for their insightful comments. 


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The big news is the Department of Defense Inspector General’s Reports are out on the electrocutions in Iraq and the electrical situation is Afghanistan. There are three full reports.


In summary…the DoDIG found KBR responsible in part for the death of SSG Ryan Maseth who was electrocuted in his shower. The DoD is also found responsible for their lack of oversight.


If you can get to Ms Sparky I have them all posted. If you can’t click HERE to go to the DoD IG website to download them. They will be the three dated 7/24/2009. If KBR has blocked that site as well, email me and I will send them to you.


One would hope the Army CID would be filing criminal charges soon. I hope Fluor, Dyncorp, CSA and every other DoD contractor is taking notice. Unsupervised play time in the “sandbox” is over!


I am working on a lawsuits page that will list all the lawsuits against KBR and any suits that KBR has filed with regards to LOGCAP. If you know of a lawsuit filed against KBR shoot me an email. If you can send me a copy of the petition/complaint that would be great.


I have also added several new categories including “Indictments, Convictions & Arrests” hopefully we will be getting some more of those with regards to the electrocutions.


I am still getting a ton of complaints about CSA in Kuwait. I don’t know what the DCMA is doing down there. But you must contact the DoDIG with EVERY complaint. Click HERE to read about that. So far not too many complaints about Fluor…yet. But I am so afraid the way CSA, Dyncorp and Fluor are sucking up KBR managers that they will be turning into KBR times 3!!


I get asked all the time how to report Fraud, Waste and Abuse to the DoD. I have blogged about it before click HERE for that. So many people are afraid to contact their companies own ethics hotline because of threats of retaliation. Please report any retaliation to the DoDIG Hotline as well. If in doubt just report it. Be specific. Don’t use acronyms. The hotline number is open M-F 8-5 EST. Or you can email them anytime.





I have been getting some complaints that people are calling in reports and then calling back to follow up and the hotline is claiming they have no record of the call. I strongly suggest that you email the report and make sure you keep a copy for yourself.


If you have any information about prostitution rings in the DoD camps in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait or in Dubai, Thailand the Philippines or anywhere else for that matter please email me. You can read my post on that HERE.


I have gotten several emails about what is going to happen in Afghanistan with regards to KBR employees and the transition. I recommend you keep doing your job the best you can. Fluor and Dyncorp aren’t keeping me as updated as I would like (sarcasm), but I find it hard to believe they would not pick up many of the craft and people who actually do the work. It just doesn’t make financial or logistical sense to start out at ground zero. It’s the majority of KBR management who need that one way plane ticket to the States. So just be patient and flexible.


I know KBR is going to put on the pressure with threats and intimidation. That is their MO. Just be smart! They can still fire you.


Also, I am looking for few former O&M crafts. All trades. Shoot me and email. Thanks.


If you have questions you can email me by replying to this Update.


Be safe!!



Ms Sparky

(aka Debbie Crawford)