FDIC Certificate for Halloween Bank Tricked IRS Says Ripped-off Estate
Washington, D.C. and Fort Wayne, Indiana, June 22, 2009- On Halloween 1969, the FDIC issued Certificate #20070 to an extraordinary national bank in Fort Wayne, “Allen County National Bank.”

“There was never a physical ‘Allen County National Bank’ in Fort Wayne,” affirms Leigh Fulghum, Personal Representative of her grandfather Kryder’s 1966 estate currently open in Allen County, Indiana. With fifteen years historical research and data to support her conclusions, Fulghum reasons the FDIC certificate concealed property belonging to at least five Allen County estates, from heirs and the IRS.

Information supplied by the FDIC Legal Division in Washington, D.C. states that “Allen County National Bank, FDIC Cert.#20070,” bearing no date of creation or origin, was insured on 10/31/1969 and merged into Lincoln National Bank and Trust Company of Fort Wayne on 11/04/1969 under the Lincoln charter. Fulghum says when Cert.#20070 was issued in 1969, the Kryder family tax-exempt U.S. government securities originating from before World War I through 1954 were due to be probated and taxed once and for all by 12/02/1969 when the estate of Frank H. Kryder should have closed. Instead they appear to have vanished.

The Comptroller of the Currency carefully maintains a Certificate of Charter for every legitimate national bank. But there is nothing on file with the Comptroller for “Allen County National Bank.” Nor is “Allen County National Bank” in the database of the Federal Reserve or mentioned in the Lincoln bank’s history in the FDIC public access database, or in the corporation records of the State of Indiana.

In the official records of Allen County are town plats and deeds to hundreds of houses which verify the Kryder family owned land they bought with gold, subdivided and built neighborhoods, sold insurance, and were organized in a national farm loan association. But none of the proceeds were ever accounted for.

“My grandfather was an alcoholic and his three children from two marriages had for many years lived apart from him. Estrangement and sadness made him a mark. When he died in 1966, his corporation, tax and estate lawyers lost the records of his and his parents’ 50-year old real estate development and insurance company,while the State of Indiana lost the files of their building company. They lied to his heirs-at-large whose interest was designated in a recorded Trust, and nearly starved his widow. When she died in 1983, the funeral home applied for a Social Security death benefit on her behalf, then a cut a check drawn on the Lincoln National Bank and Trust Company back to the lawyers.”

“The family always lived modestly on interest and thought they were safe investing their gains in government bonds. Their plan was derailed since ownership of even registered U.S. government securities is easily concealed by a buried FDIC Certificate Number issued to a shell national bank, ” reports the Kryders’ Personal Representative.

Leigh Fulghum as Personal Representative for the Estate of Frank H. Kryder in the Superior Court of Allen County, Indiana
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